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Light + Building is the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and construction services technology. The digital future meets the hotspot of design: Light + Building addresses the themes of the future. From 18 to 23 March more than 2,600 exhibitors are presenting their innovative products in the field of lighting, electrical and building engineering and building automation in Frankfurt am Main.

The Maggioli Group will take part in the Frankfurt worldwide exhibition with the skilled offer of APKappa, the new company born on 01.01.2018 from the merger of APSystems with StudioK, operating in the IT markets for the PA, smart lighting, smart metering and more in general of smart city solutions in Italy and abroad.

At Light + Building 2018 APKAPPA will exhibit the integration of the Internet of Things with its smart lighting platform, called Luminibus.  This offer not only allows to remotely manage public lighting systems but also to activate more and more services, useful for citizens and the territory, achieving significant results/ with significant achievements on energy, economic and environmental savings.

Remote management, energy and economic savings, improvement of smart lighting and smart city services: this is Luminibus and all of this will be exhibited in Frankfurt.

HALL  4.1 STAND A.49 – Frankfurt Messe (D) from 18 to 23 March 2018.



Presentation in Bogota of the project “Analysis and Design of unstructured data to provide intelligence to the accounting decision making” for the Colombian Government.

The project is the work of Galileo Ingeniería y Servicios, controlled by the Maggioli Group.

On January 24, the presentation of the project “Analysis and Design of unstructured data to provide intelligence for accounting decision-making” took place in Bogotá, at the headquarters of the Colombian National Accounting Office.

The project, carried out by the computer engineers of Galileo, a company of the Maggioli Group, is financed by the Swiss Cooperation Fund and in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance of Colombia.

“A strategic project for the country and for all of Latin America,” said the General Accountant of the Nation, Dr. Pedro Luís Bohórquez Ramírez. “The business intelligence system has among its objectives to support the Administration in the preparation of the Consolidated Financial Statements of the Colombian State and guarantee the transparency of the data.”

It should be remembered that, since 2016, the Maggioli Group controls the Spanish company Galileo, based in Madrid and Tenerife. The company has a turnover of 2 million euros and is specialized in the management of the cadastre and territorial data for Local Administrations. In addition, Spanish society offers its services in the areas of “good governance”, “institutional strengthening” and ” modernization and municipal decentralization “.

In this context, he has carried out projects in Mexico, Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala, Cape Verde, Senegal and Morocco.Galileo, the Iberian company, has interesting projects in Latin America, especially in Colombia, which will gradually take place,said CEO Paolo Maggioli.


The Maggioli Group will be present at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona, ​​Recinto Gran Vía, Hall 2, Level 0, Stand N. F 659, together with the acquired APSystems and the newly-controlled Spanish Galileo Sa and , with its innovative solutions dedicated to Smart City and a wealthy a series of innovative products and services for Metropolitan Cities and Local Authorities.

The World Congress of Smart City Expo, organized by Fira de Barcelona, ​​scheduled from November 14 to 16, recorded a rise of 30% of exhibitors (591) in 2016 and involved over 16,000 participants who shared development experiences urban. The event focused on the latest edition on strategies and tools available to promote citizen empowerment and greater involvement and participation in municipal processes and projects.

Barcelona will become the indisputable capital of urban innovation. Cities, companies and experts from around the world will be exchanging ideas and projects intended to improve living conditions for all our neighbours. Barcelona is the capital of creativity and innovation in many areas, but particularly in the field of smart cities. We are committed to e nsuring technological progress helps us meet the major challenges facing cities today: an ageing and growing population; the fight against climate change; the transition to new forms of sustainable mobility; the right to housing, education and health; and the challenges, yet they undoubtedly require local solutions, where innovation, talent and technology will play a very important role.

In this context, Maggioli Group through its technological partner A.P. Systems, is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of hardware devices for collection and transmission of data from/to meters via wireless networks and/or powerline communication.

APYLink devices are used in the Smart Metering systems of the main operators in Italy and abroad and connect to the management systems and billing meters more than 20 million customers.

In addition, Maggioli Group offers to public service providers, as well as local authorities, a Smart City platform that allows public services management through IoT devices/sensors. First of all, this platform integrates Smart Lighting solutions that optimize consumption and in general public lighting service. But also Smart Metering, systems are used in power distribution networks, where Italy has always played a leading role thanks to the foresight and proactivity that Enel Group has always demonstrated.

Additional services, in response to the necessity of the territory, for example, waste management, road floor shedding, traffic monitoring and adaptive lighting, flood prevention, parking payments, electric car charging station management, bicycle rental stations, wi-fi access, video surveillance, SOS alarms and more, can be integrated.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Maggioli Group, the leading Italian company with the widest and most qualified range of products and services for the Local Public Administrations, has acquired the majority shares of A.P. Systems, based in Magenta (Milan), an Italian software house specialized in the development of IT solutions and advanced telemanagement systems that can efficiently improve the quality of services of the Local Authorities.

A.P. Systems, with € 10 million revenues in 2016 and 90 employees, has been designing ICT systems for Local Public Administrations and Public Utilities (both national and International) for more than 30 years, aiming at the energy efficiency and management of public lighting systems, the application of smart technologies to public services and the optimization of machine-to-machine (M2M) data communication in electricity, water and gas distribution networks.

With this acquisition, Maggioli Group consolidates its role of Reference Partner for Local Public Authorities in providing software development, maintenance, consulting, and outsourcing services to bring the Public Administrations towards full digitation.

“It is beginning to shape our internalization strategy. A.P. Systems is particularly present in Spain and South America, the countries we are focusing most; we have a subsidiary in the Canaries (Galileo SA) that is operating in these areas. A.P. Systems is a supplier to the local power supplier in Colombia and works in Spain with Endesa in the telegestory and smart city subfunds“, said Paolo Maggioli, CEO of Maggioli Group. “With this further acquisition, the strategy that has led us over the last few years to invest in dynamic and profitable business ventures, specializing in business lines that complement our product and service offering; We want to continue to grow, we have the resources to do so, to maintain our leadership in Italy and to dedicate ourselves to the development of the foreign markets.”

“I am delighted that we have concluded the deal with an Italian group and not with other international groups that were proposed. Along with Maggioli, we are confident that our smart technologies can accelerate the metamorphosis of cities into real smart cities both in Italy and abroad“- Renzo Bassetto, CEO of A.P. Systems .“In fact, we are an excellence in IT management for the Public Administrations, in the extensive use of the Internet of Things to enrich value-added services to the territory, citizens and businesses, and telegraphic technologies Punctuality of power, water and gas distribution systems and public lighting systems: a rich offer of smart technologies, all knowingly dominated by our experts, of which indirectly over 50% of the Italian population benefits. It is worth mentioning, for example, that our smart technologies and devices are widely used by more than 90% of Italian multi-utilities with which they daily receive and transmit billions of data and save considerable energy, environment and money. With these same smart technologies we are already present overseas where we are involved in similar projects in Spain, Romania and South America, and we are launching interesting opportunities in Australia, Asia and Africa.



Maggioli Group has always fostered initiatives for the evolution of ICT and Knowledge base of Local Public Administrations.

The internet and digital technologies are transforming our world. But existing barriers online mean citizens miss out on goods and services, internet companies and start-ups have their horizons limited, and businesses and governments cannot fully benefit from digital tools.

It’s time to make the European Single Market fit for the digital age – tearing down regulatory walls and moving from 28 national markets to a single one. This could contribute €415 billion per year to our economy and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

The mission of Maggioli responds perfectly to the requests of a market in constant transformation and increasingly looking for reliable partners, to offer Italian and foreign public organizations services and products of excellence to promote innovations in technologies and processes.

Maggioli Group is organizing a very important event at the European Parliament (30th May 2017 / 12:00 – 13:00), titled: “Public Administration in the Digital Single Market”, co-hosted by MEP Elisabetta Gardini, MEP Therese Comodini Cachia and MEP Fulvio Martusciello.

The agenda provides (download the Invitation):

› Opening
› Presentation by Paolo Maggioli – Maggioli Group CEO
Ernesto Belisario, Lawyer in ICT law and administrative law
Kirsi Ekroth-Manssila, Head of Unit, European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs: “The role of public administrations in digitising European industry
› Remarks by MEPs hosting the event
› Exchange of views
› Light lunch

Registration at:
Secretariat and information: +32 2 229 19 28

Maggioli Group has actively participating in various INA-SAIA projects (Index of National Registries – Access System for Registers Exchange) involving about 2.000 municipalities and facilitating the transformation toward ANPR (National Population Register). Our products have strong interoperability with all Regional Identity Providers and we are engaged in experimenting with SPID (public system for digital identity), and in the future towards European eID (Stork).

We provide a full adherence to national projects for document management (DocER, CRIPAL). We are helping some cities in the design that will lead them to turn from urban cities to metropolitan cities. In this step, the Municipality has to make its administrative procedures interoperable with other players managing Utilities such as: Transport, Energy, Water, etc.

The resulting experience could be scaled to a national and international context, by proposing these projects as part of the European research and innovation programmes.



Maggioli Group increased its capital stock in Galileo S.A., based in Canary Islands, specialized in the management of the land register of the Local Public Authorities, which led to the control of the company.

The acquired company will join the foreign branches in Belgium (Brussels) and Albania (Tirana).

Galileo has some interesting projects in Latin America, especially in Colombia, which will materialize as early as 2017anticipates Paolo Maggioli, CEO of Maggioli Group; this is actually our first major operation in Europe.

The growth opportunities through M&A are becoming a reality in Maggioli. Two weeks ago, the company launched a binding offer to acquire another Spanish company, based in Barcelona; and sets his sights on a third company, based in Madrid, to become the majority shareholder: both companies offer IT services for municipalities and the market of the Iberian public administration is considered very promising.

In Italy we are looking around – he continues – we have 2-3 ongoing negotiations always in the IT. We want to grow while maintaining our leadership position in the PA market, also taking advantage of the opportunities that the market will give.


A new EU research project entitled UNICORN A Novel Framework for Multi-Cloud Service Development, Orchestration, Deployment and Continuous Management Fostering Cloud Technologies Uptake from Digital SMEs and Startups, funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Call H2020-ICT-2016, Grant Agreement No. 731846), was launched.

The project with duration of 36 months (1 Jan 2017-31 Dec 2019) and a total budget of € 4.2 Million brings together 11 leading European research/academic institutions, industries and SMEs in the field of cloud and software technologies from 8 EU member states (Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom).

Visit project website

The overall objective of the project is to simplify the design, deployment and management of secure and elastic – by design – multi-cloud services. This will be achieved by a) developing and design libraries that will provide security enforcement mechanisms, data privacy restrictions, monitoring metric collection and resource management; and b) enabling continuous orchestration and automatic optimization of portable and dynamic cloud services running on virtual instances or micro-execution containers for increased security, data protection privacy and vast resource (de)-allocation.

Towards this end, and building upon this umbrella concept, the UNICORN vision can be considered two-fold: to enable software developers to design and develop secure and elastic applications and to increase the awareness of all stakeholders, in particular SMEs and Start-ups.

Participating organizations:

  • CAS Software AG, Germany
  • University of Cyprus, Cyprus
  • Maggioli SPA, Italy
  • Foundation for Research and Tecnology Hellas, Greece
  • Suite5 Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Pan-European ICT & eBusiness for SMEs Association, Belgium
  • Deutsches Institut fuer Normung EV, Germany
  • Gioumpitek Meleti Schediasmos Ylopoiisi kai Polisi Ergon Pliroforikis EPE, Greece
  • Steinbeis Beratungszentren GmbH, Germany
  • Universitad Politecnica de Cartagena – Cloud Incubator Hub, Spain
  • Redikod AB, Sweden


Andrea Montefiori (Risk Manager), Tel. +39 (0)541 628380 | E-mail:

Armend Duzha (Project Manager), Tel. +39 (0)541 628329 | E-mail:


Maggioli Informatica, the software house of Maggioli Group, has signed an agreement with Microsoft Italy that aims to actively contribute to innovation and digitization of Public Administrations.

The Microsoft cloud services, based on the “trusted cloud strategy” – a cloud that meets the criteria of safety, transparency and privacy, in line with the requirements of the P.A. – represent added value for the Maggioli’s solutions.

The new offer of Maggioli, called “City in the cloud”, is an innovative solution that can replicate the workstation of a P.A. employee in such a way that he/she can carry out his/her activities in any place and on any device.

With this agreement, Maggioli is enriched with a significant technological know-how, consolidating its role as a key partner for public authorities, and provide assistance to ferry the current PA towards the future Digital Public Administration.

The City of Bussolengo has already launched the “Bussolengo on-cloud” project by defining a migration path to the cloud of its information system. The project has migrated Sicr@web suite on Azure cloud and activated Office365 to allow employees to have the necessary tools to carry out their functions.

The benefits realized can be summarized as follows:

  • drastic reduction in start-up costs, is sufficient connectivity and a set of credentials to start using services in the cloud;
  • updates, patching and evolutionary developments released by the need for internal management of the institution;
  • externalization of risk, disaster recovery and business continuity, security and data integrity is critical so it is important to make use of a partner with solid experience in the “data protection”;
  • development of labor geographically detached from the physical location.


The Maggioli Group in the top 10 companies, rated 7th in the Italian Classification of Public Administration Software Producers

‘Top 100’ is the 2016 classification of Italy’s software and services companies, intended to highlight the leading players on the market. The top hundred companies working on the Italian market are ranked according to the results achieved in sales made and services supplied in Italy, divided into five market segments.

Read the Ranking of Companies of Software and Services in Italy

The IT Business Unit supplies management softwareinnovative services and computerization projects for public administrations, guaranteeing top-quality training and assistance. Technological skills and expertise in design and planning allow us to offer local authorities instruments to facilitate simpler and more direct contacts with the public, and to rationalize their investments.

With the great acquired experience in the application of E-Government projects, Maggioli Informatica, together with the group’s organizational consultancy services, is the ideal partner for local authorities, because its skills and reliability make it easier to develop a truly effective “Digital Administration”.

We assist public administrations in their progress towards the innovative organizational models that are being increasingly requested. This comprehensive vision of the needs of public administrations is the solid basis for an integrated offer of information technologies and consultancy to promote and complete all IT projects.



The modern economy forces companies to reduce operating costs and, simultaneously, to maximize efficiency; it is therefore necessary for the management to create the conditions to effectively interact with customers, suppliers and partners, in a fruitful collaboration logic and optimization of the entire value chain.

Today, the company needs to be backed up by a reliable and efficient IT partner capable of providing support for the entire evolutionary path.

Our solutions address the company having acquired a long experience of requirements, processes, organization and business models, turning problems into precise answers on the products and services. We support companies with qualified personnel, from initial installation and start-up of the computer system until the update of the answer.

We are recognized among the most important dealers Zucchetti for what concerns the client-server management platforms: Adhoc Adhoc Revolution and Enterprise. The first is the management company Zucchetti, modular and scalable, which meets the needs of your medium or large enterprise while reducing management time and costs. Thanks to this company’s software manage with a single, reliable, powerful and technologically advanced: administration, accounting, management accounting, sales, purchasing, logistics and production. We also take part for several years ADHOCNET, a consortium of licensees Zucchetti that allows you to coordinate and share experiences, vertical markets and anything else to make Zucchetti products increasingly aggressive and specialized on different areas.

Over time we have developed numerous partnerships and obtained certifications and awards from leading companies in the production of tools, development environments and technologies; and we can include: Microsoft Certified; HP Business Partners. VSP VMware, Veeam Silver Partner, McAfee certified partners.


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