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Knowledge and technology are our passion, and our business.
We transform them into products, services and integrated solutions
to promote and support digital transformation, process innovation and simplification
of Public Administration, Professionals and Companies



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Towards the future
thinking of our origins


President of the Maggioli Group

“I think a company is a complex organism in which creativity, passion, coherence and great respect for employees and customers are interwoven.

Certainly, then you need skilled managers and human resources, research and development, a good organization, effective marketing and above all innovative products and services, focused on the present and future needs of customers.”

A century of innovation and continuity

maggioli family

When a company boasts almost a century of history and it takes a look back, it might be difficult for it to recognize the original inspiration by which it is still guided. If then it thinks of the future, it becomes even harder to put together all the threads of the overall experience. This is however not true for the Maggioli Group, where the project for the future give substance and value to its origins. We’ll explain why.

The group’s strategy can be briefly summarized as follows: to offer Italian and foreign public and private organizations services and products of excellence to promote innovations in technologies and processes; to cultivate and spread culture, creativity and talent by means of a team of skilled professional resources; to help public administrations, companies and professionals to simplify processes and improve their services, enhancing their value.

The group’s mission responds perfectly to the requests of a market in constant transformation and increasingly looking for reliable partners.

If we try to look once more at our company’s origins, moving back to the situation at the start of the last century, we discover with surprise that the elements on which it was founded are still perfectly coherent with present times, and with our project for the future.

Today, the Maggioli Group specializes in software for public administrations and companies, publishing for the professions and public administrations, outsourced services for local authorities, the printing of forms and other materials, 3D printing, online advertising and services for companies.

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