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An enhanced pre-frontier intelligence picture to safeguard the European borders

Maggioli participates to NESTOR, the European Project that aims to Strengthening and Safeguarding the European borders through a fully functional, next generation border surveillance system.

The 18-month European project, NESTOR, has recently launched its activities to enhance the protection and safeguarding of the European marine and land borders.

Supported by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme, NESTOR brings together 21 partners from 13 European countries to create a fully functional next-generation holistic border surveillance system for pre-frontier situational awareness, reaching both maritime and land borders operations.

Maggioli participates to NESTOR with a dual role: as Technical Integrator and as Dissemination and Communication Coordinator. Technical integration lies at the very heart of the project as it balances between the user requirements, the technical specifications, and the technologies (both hardware and software) that will be provided and developed by the technical partners, and the actual project trials that will be performed, which will
evaluate the overall integrated NESTOR system and assess its capabilities with respect to defined KPIs.

Moreover, Maggioli is responsible for the coordination of the dissemination and communication activities of the project, its potential contributions to standards, synergies with EU projects with similar objectives, and the exploitation of the project’s results.

30 June 2022
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05 December 2023

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15 September 2023
Press release

Maggioli and the selling shareholder, in consultation with the joint global coordinators Mediobanca and Intesa Sanpaolo, announce the decision to withdraw the offering of Maggioli’s ordinary shares

11 July 2023