Il Mondo Maggioli

Le nostre attività integrate affiancano la Pubblica Amministrazione Locale e Centrale, i Liberi Professionisti e le Aziende nel semplificare i processi e migliorare i servizi
Soluzioni e ServiziTecnologia e conoscenza sono da sempre le nostre passioni, il nostro business e il modo con cui siamo sempre riusciti a rispondere alle richieste di un mercato in continua evoluzione

Letter to Stakeholders

The first Consolidated Sustainability Report represents the first milestone in a journey which Maggioli has decided to undertake, together with all the other Group companies, in order to develop a growing awareness of our responsibilities both as individuals and at corporate level, and to generate intrinsic and widespread value in the communities and areas in which we operate.

Being aware allows us to implement responsible action, create virtuous procedures and identify areas for improvement, so as to generate economic, social and environmental value, consolidating a constant interaction with all stakeholders.

The Role of the Maggioli Group for Sustainable Development

Digital technologies play a key role in achieving the sustainability goals outlined by the European Green Deal. The Maggioli Group plays a major role in contributing to the implementation of the path for a more innovative country, supporting the digitisation of the Public Administration and the development of digital public services.
As outlined by the NRRP and the funds made available by the Next Generation EU, the digital transition and the growth of the sustainability levels of the national production fabric are mutually reinforcing. In this strategic perspective, the Maggioli Group has, in fact, the objective of investing and directing its activities under the banner of sustainability and ESG principles, designing initiatives able to enhance the local area and create shared wellbeing.

People and Local Area

A fundamental part of the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy of the Maggioli Group is the enhancement of people, who are essential for achieving short, medium and long term objectives. Maggioli believes in networking, with the aim of fostering relations with Private Individuals, Associations and Institutions to add value to its business activities and involve market players with whom to jointly generate a positive impact on the local area, for the community and the general public.
Maggioli promotes cultural and social initiatives in the area and has been collaborating for many years with Institutes and Universities, helping to train advanced skills, for the consolidation of a knowledge which, if spread and open, becomes the very basis of shared development.

The Maggioli Group and SDGs

The Maggioli Group and SDGs

SDGs's Goals

The Maggioli Group and SDGs

Goal 4 - Quality, equitable and inclusive education
Vocational training and further education
Goal 9 - Resilient infrastructure and fair, responsible and sustainable innovation and industrialisation
Applied research and innovation as business drivers
Objective 17 - Partnerships for sustainable development
Collaboration and project development in partnership with universities, companies, public administrations and institutions
Goals 7 / 13 - Economic, reliable, sustainable and modern energy systems and climate change
- Customer energy efficiency (digitisation)
- Renewable energy and emission reduction
Goals 5 / 10 - Gender equality and Reducing inequalities
- Promotion of social inclusion through reduction of digital divide, digital citizenship
- Equal opportunities and inclusive working environments and policies
Goal 8 - Inclusive and sustainable economic growth, decent work
- New generation recruitment policies
- Digital skills development
- Health and safety at work
Goal 11 - Inclusive, safe, sustainable and secure cities
Smart City Technology
Goal 16 - Effective, accountable and inclusive institutions
- Improved PA process management – effectiveness and transparency of provided services  
- Support to companies and institutions as regards cyber risks and data management protection