Il Mondo Maggioli

Le nostre attività integrate affiancano la Pubblica Amministrazione Locale e Centrale, i Liberi Professionisti e le Aziende nel semplificare i processi e migliorare i servizi
Soluzioni e ServiziTecnologia e conoscenza sono da sempre le nostre passioni, il nostro business e il modo con cui siamo sempre riusciti a rispondere alle richieste di un mercato in continua evoluzione

Our unique and distinctive way of being and doing business

Maggiolinsieme means team spirit, care for people, mutual trust and respect: the simple values that guide our behavior and inspire the little big initiatives with which we try to make our life and work easier, more enjoyable and enriching.
Maggiolinsieme is also the way in which we interpret the role and responsibility which, as a company, we are called upon to play and ensure for the growth of the communities we interact with and for the development of the areas in which we operate.
We have grown by making those who have worked with us and for us grow, because in 100 years we have understood that this is a winning recipe. We promote culture, in all its forms and expressions, because it is part of our DNA. We invest in young people because we have a future in common and we want it to become better and better.

Reconciling work and family

Flexible working hours, horizontal and vertical part-time work, smartworking. When needed, solutions to reconcile personal needs and professional objectives can always be found: all it takes is a little flexibility and common sense.
Giving value to our time has also meant activating Il Maggiolino, the early-childhood education service that, from Monday to Friday, takes care of our children (aged between 6 and 36 months) who grow up having fun, while mums and dads work peacefully a few steps away.
And at the end of the day, we can also enjoy the services offered by shops, gyms, restaurants, playgrounds and childcare facilities, all at subsidized rates. In short, everything that can help make our lives and work easier.

We sustain progress

Progress is a challenging word. It doesn’t only mean higher turnover or the development of a reference market, but speaks of evolution, ambition and intent. It speaks of the future.
And not just of any old future, but of a tomorrow which aims at being better than today: a gradual and continuous transformation from good to better, pursued through the advancement of culture, of scientific and technological knowledge and of social organization.
Progress has been our watchword for the past one hundred years. However ambitious this may sound, and probably is.

Open, smart and green work areas

In 2017, as part of an ambitious project centered on the restructuring of our original and administrative headquarters, we initiated a new way of intending work spaces, schedules and modes of operation: open, smart and green.
A people and environment-friendly project, from the organization of workstations to the choice of materials, attention to natural lighting and technological equipment.
And subsequently, also spaces dedicated to physical exercise, because as we all know “mens sana in corpore sano”.

We invest in young people, we invest in the future

We believe in young people. In their talent and their dreams.
And we believe in the training value of work: it is not a matter of what they will do for eight hours a day in the years to come, but rather of who they will be as individuals, citizens and professional persons.
Hence, for some years now we have been supporting
School-Work alternation projects: we know that enjoying significant experiences and refining their skills will help them make their future choices.
Then, if they choose to work with us, it will be together with them that we shall discover what the Maggioli Group will become when it grows up.

We train team spirit

We don't miss out on the great classics - such as the Christmas party, the "children in the company" initiative, the recreational areas, etc. - but for some years now we have been running the "Trained for Harmony" project.
You can put the emphasis wherever you like but individual and collective wellbeing does not change. And it doesn't matter how - yoga, pilates, volleyball, running, cycling - only why: getting to know each other beyond roles, building meaningful relationships, exchanging experiences and ideas, grasping the fine line between play and teamwork.

And, why not, recovering energy, improving mood, keeping fit and 'discharging' the tensions of the working day.

We sustain art, culture and technological innovation

Knowledge is power. Take it from Maggioli, a lifelong publisher.
The more scientific-humanistic knowledge you acquire, and the more technological instruments you master, the more you’ll forge a future for yourself and live a full and quality-filled life. That’s our mantra, which we pass on to our employees every day.
That’s why we promote art, culture and innovation in all their shapes and expressions.
During the course of the year, we support lots of initiatives: from literary festivals to art exhibitions, scientific meetings and all those breakthroughs regarding technological development, without forgetting (... after all we’re from Romagna!) regional food and wine culture: from piadina to poetry, because, after all, we are what we eat.