Il Mondo Maggioli

Le nostre attività integrate affiancano la Pubblica Amministrazione Locale e Centrale, i Liberi Professionisti e le Aziende nel semplificare i processi e migliorare i servizi
Soluzioni e ServiziTecnologia e conoscenza sono da sempre le nostre passioni, il nostro business e il modo con cui siamo sempre riusciti a rispondere alle richieste di un mercato in continua evoluzione
A Family Company with sustainable development objectives

A Family Company with sustainable development objectives

For more than 115 years we have been a Family Company which for four generations has used the expression "innovators by tradition" to describe itself: this expression encapsulates our entrepreneurial spirit and well interprets the principles and values which underpin our corporate culture.

During the course of our journey, we have made Corporate Social Responsibility our unique and distinctive way of being and doing business, inside and out. Creating shared value in the short, medium, and especially in the long term, is the way we find our bearings - day after day - in building relationships of growth and mutual trust with all stakeholders. With a view to continuous improvement, we take care of our employees, as well as our suppliers, customers, the areas in which we operate and the communities with which we interact, aware as we are of the social and environmental impact of our actions.

Technology and knowledge: our passions

We have grown by ensuring the growth of those who have worked with us, by trying to make our daily work more inclusive, easy, pleasant and enriching. In an ongoing dialogue with numerous institutions (schools, universities, research centres, local and national administrations) we plan and support initiatives that make us part of the innovation process. By vocation and through passion, we promote culture in all its forms and invest in the talent and dreams of the new generations.

Technology and knowledge have always been our passions, our business and the way we have always managed to respond to the demands of a fast-changing market. They are also the pillars on which our mission rests: to offer top-quality services and products to public and private organisations, in Italy and abroad, to encourage technological and process innovation; to cultivate and spread culture, creativity and talent through a team of competent and professional resources.

Strategic mergers and acquisitions also enable us to constantly update and increase our capabilities.

We simplify processes and improve services

Our integrated activities support Local and Central Public Administrations, freelancers and companies in simplifying processes and improving services for the public and businesses.

We do this through management software and customised services and projects for the computerisation of the public and private sectors; applications for 'mobile' devices; computerised document storage services; consultancy and organisational support for public management; outsourcing services; technologies for detecting traffic offences and urban security; solutions for the digital management of local revenues; professional publishing and online services; catalogue-based, in-house and e-learning training; paper and online forms for administrative procedures; graphics and printing services; projects for cultural institutions, museums and tourism organisations.

And also Cloud, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Smart City.

With our digital solutions, we facilitate change in society to help build a more functional world, where people and businesses can obtain reliable answers more quickly.

European and international development

Over the years we have developed our business in Europe and further afield, taking our expertise and know-how across borders. For over 30 years now, we have had a representative office in Brussels, Belgium which interacts with the offices of the Community Institutions and takes care of participation in research and technological development projects set up by the European Commission and in which we play a lead role.

Since 2020 we have been operating in Spain with ATM Grupo Maggioli, headquartered in Madrid with offices throughout the peninsula, which offers a broad range of products and services for local authorities, from publishing to consulting, from tax management to software development with cloud solutions for digital administration. For many years, this company has also been a supplier of the Department of Madrid.

Always in Spain, we are present with Galileo SA - Ingenieria y Servicios, based in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, which specialises in ICT solutions for the management of cadastral and territorial data of local authorities.

An ongoing internationalisation process

Thanks to these synergies, we have become a major player on the Spanish Public Administration market and, through it, we are currently entering the South American markets.

Maggioli Latam, a company based in Bogotá, Colombia, has in fact been set up as an operational centre for the development of projects in Latin American countries: an adventure we are experiencing with great enthusiasm and which reinforces the Group's commitment to improving Public Administration services in the two continents.

In 2020, the internationalisation process continued in Europe with the opening of an office in Athens, Greece, dedicated to R&D activities and business development in the field of Information Technology.