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Smart Metering

To realize machine-to-machine data communication between meters of power, water and gas networks and a control centre over public and satellite wireless networks, Maggioli Group proposes APYLink devices that perform this task with high performance and reliability.

APYLink is the family of devices that activates bi-directional communication between public service providers and customers, crucial for their active involvement in the new energy scenario.

APYLink is the result of an extensive experience in the sector, matured by R&D team of A.P.Systems, owned by Maggioli Group.

Hundreds of thousands of APYLInk devices are used in major remote management projects operating globally.

The Offering
  • Communication modules on mobile networks
  • Data and communication concentrators
  • Custom solutions development and production services

Communication on mobile networks

DM530 is the latest evolution of the APYLink family modems, which benefits from previous versions of ST310 and AT420 well-known in the smart metering market for their high reliability and for being designed from A.P.Systems, owned by Maggioli Group.

From a technical point of view, A.P.Systems’ mobile communication modules provide advanced performance to simplify installation activities and substantially lead to virtually no maintenance and service at the site where they are installed.

They can be updated remotely, monitored and instructed to perform even special functions other than those for which they are programmed.

Reliability is proven by the presence of 900,000 on-field devices installed in the most severe operating conditions.

Data and communication concentrators

M3C is a family of Linux-based Kernel data concentration rails and local context management and context diagnostics, mainly in Smart Metering, Smart Lighting and Smart City.

M3C selects the communication network based on its availability and devices to communicate with:

  • Conveyed wave communications (PowerLine Communication, PLC) typically work on this network to communicate with distributed devices in the area
  • Telecommunication TCP / IP (GSM, GPRS, PSTN, …) on these networks usually handles dialogue with control centre back-office systems

Local and remote maintenance

M3C has a high degree of local and remote maintenance via direct connections or WAN. All firmware updates and upgrades can be managed remotely.

  • Wi-Fi
  • NbIoT
  • RF Communication (169MHz Wireless M-Bus, LoRa, TCP-IP, etc.)

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