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Smart Metering

Maggioli Group expands its offering in the Smart Metering market thanks to the acquisition of the majority shares of A.P.Systems, a well-known machine-to-machine (M2M) data manufacturer.

Smart Metering systems are used in power distribution networks, where Italy has always played a leading role thanks to the foresight and proactivity that Enel Group has always demonstrated.

These solutions are strongly expanding in gas and water sector, providing network operators a real-time view of consumption in relation to the customer’s contractual conditions and related billing process management and reduction of absorption peaks, but also to optimize maintenance activities and the resulting costs, in line with the directives issued by the regulatory body.

On the other hand, Smart Metering also gives the end user more warranty on consumption information, awareness of their costs, consumption management opportunities based on time slots, and thanks to the new Smart Home and Smart Building technologies, automate energy saving processes.

In Smart Metering systems, it is essential that data exchange between a control site and the single meter is of high performance and allows activation and management costs savings.

Indeed, it is very important to be able to exploit already existing communication networks to make the solution cost-effective; Moreover, it is not only necessary to be able to reach every single meter, but this must be done with a two-way data communication: it is necessary to know how to read the information collected, but also transmit it because the meter modifies its behaviour, for example, based on contractual conditions.

With APYLink products, designed and manufactured by A.P.Systems, distributors can enable their ERP / CRM and billing systems to communicate with meters via public wireless networks, short and long range radio networks and with powerline communication.

To date, APYLink is the most important power distributor at national and global level, with various projects being implemented in the gas and water sector, thanks also to the recent regulations that have finally made it possible.

Among the most important clients that are using APYLink technology we can mention:

  • Italy (Enel, ACEA, A2A, AGSM)
  • Spain
  • Romania
  • Malta
  • Montenegro
  • Chile
  • Peru

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