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Smart Lighting

Luminibus® is an ICT platform that integrates and enables Smart City services to optimize citizen’s experience with the territory.

The remote managing system of lighting panels and luminaires is today among the most popular Smart City service of Luminibus® platform as well as one of the most advanced and active smart lighting system on the market; it allows remote monitoring and controlling of public lighting systems, maintaining a high level of service to citizens.

With Luminibus® smart lighting system, network operators and public system owners can control and monitor performance and effectiveness KPIs, manage and program behaviours remotely, perform timely diagnostics, program preventive maintenance based on the information obtained, maintain plants aligned with lighting technology and activate important performance such as certification of lighting service, plant energy balance and adaptive lighting.

All this is made possible through an integrated platform that guarantees openness to new value-added Smart City services.

With Luminibus® Smart Lighting system, the Local Authority is able to communicate with every single element of the public lighting system and monitor its functionality and set its behaviour in order to optimize energy consumption, but always under contingent conditions and requirements.

The Luminibus® platform allows intelligent sensors to retrieve useful information from the territory and thus offer to the Local Authority the ability to handle them as service layer and deliver additional services than that of public lighting.

Luminibus® is therefore a platform that integrates public services in a single work environment: Smart Lighting, Smart Metering, and all services enabled by the integrated use of the Internet of Things, for example:

  • waste management
  • road floor shedding
  • traffic monitoring
  • flood prevention
  • parking payments
  • electric car charging station management
  • bicycle rental stations
  • wi-fi access
  • video surveillance
  • SOS alarms

A large number of intelligent sensors can be connected to the Luminibus® smart grid to deliver value-added services to citizens.

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