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lamps remotely managed in Italy

The partnership with A.P.Systems, strengthen by the acquisition of the majority of shares in 2017, extends Maggioli’s offering to smart lighting market where Luminibus® platform for remote public lighting management is widely known and used.

The rationalization of public spending, the EU’s ban on obsolete and inefficient lighting technologies and the need to respond to an increasing demand for public services have forced Local Authorities to adopt modern and streamline lighting systems.

The simple switch, typically carried out by adopting LED technologies, is not sufficient to achieve and maintain Public Authority’s objectives: it requires continuous monitoring of operational and effectiveness KPIs, remote managing and programming behaviour, timely diagnostics, information retrieval for preventive maintenance scheduling, maintaining plants aligned with lightening standards and regulations and activate important performance such as certification of lighting service, plant energy balance, and adaptive lighting.

This is made possible with Luminibus® smart lighting system, which, in a nutshell, uses modern Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and devices to allow systems to communicate with an application platform that can drastically reduce energy consumption and related costs, reduce spending on maintenance and light & atmospheric pollution, maximize the effectiveness of service to the citizens.

Luminibus® is the most advanced remote management system currently available on the market that is able not only to make public lightening system efficient in terms of consumption and expenditure, but also to integrate IoT sensors to deliver Smart City services.

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