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Smart City is not a solution, a system or technology, it is a concept, a digitalization process, a revolution we are all witness and that, like many other evolutionary processes that happened in the past (from informalization to dematerialization of Public Administrations), will have a disruptive impact on public goods and services managed by local Public Authorities.

The challenge is to actively contribute to the process of expansion and enhancement of Smart City, using own technologies to transform cities into intelligent and interactive areas, where the Public Authority:

  • makes the territory active supplier of information enabling the “manager” intervene timely;
  • saves “manager’s” time on tasks, duties, and commitments to the community or themselves;
  • provides services based on the data retrieved by the territory;
  • saves money and the environment by making the services provided to the community more effective.

The essential ingredients for making this transformation possible are:

  • the ability to make data communication from / to the territory possible through existing public infrastructures (e.g. powerline communication, cellular networks, etc.) and use of modern open standard protocols based on communication technologies;
  • the ability to collect data from IoT devices/sensors spread across the territory, along with the ability to manage them with robust application software platforms accessible via web as well as mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets).

The experience gained in smart metering and smart lighting solutions allows Maggioli Group to offer an open and integrated Smart City platform for all public services delivered to the territory as well as water and gas power distribution networks (APYLink) and public lighting systems (Luminibus).

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