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The operators of the distribution networks such as power, water and gas, need to remotely manage their plants, not only to comply with regulatory obligations on security, but also ensure the delivery of the service as by the contractual obligations and thus, increase customer satisfaction ensuring, for example, timely billing on actual consumption and not on alleged data.

In this context, Maggioli Group through its technological partner A.P. Systems, is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of hardware devices for collection and transmission of data from/to meters via wireless networks and/or powerline communication.

APYLink devices are used in the Smart Metering systems of the main operators in Italy and abroad and connect to the management systems and billing meters more than 20 million customers.

In addition, Maggioli Group offers to public service providers, as well as local authorities, a Smart City platform that allows public services management through IoT devices/sensors. First of all, this platform integrates Smart Lighting solutions that optimize consumption and in general public lighting service. But also Smart Metering, systems are used in power distribution networks, where Italy has always played a leading role thanks to the foresight and proactivity that Enel Group has always demonstrated.

Additional services, in response to the necessity of the territory, for example, waste management, road floor shedding, traffic monitoring and adaptive lighting, flood prevention, parking payments, electric car charging station management, bicycle rental stations, wi-fi access, video surveillance, SOS alarms and more, can be integrated.

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