Public Works

General characteristics

In a normative context in constant evolution the problem of monitoring and conducting of public works requires considerable support in terms of updating and coordination of all actors involved in the complex executive processes (RUP, Technical, Administrative).

It is essential for the Administration to adopt an information system designed to support the daily activities of operators providing practical help in the execution of each procedure.

Involvement of the different sectors responsible for the information (RUP, Technical, Administrative)

If the data is entered by the various operators involved, each person inserts a smaller number of information and information sharing and real-time updating is promoted.

Perfect knowledge of the status of works

All operators involved can always have the full picture of the work progress.

Uniformity of the produced documentation

It ensures the streamlining of activities because it enables an easier maintenance and updating of documents in front of the need to make modifications and changes.

Data transmission to the Control Bodies

It will no longer be necessary to transmit the same information to the Control Bodies (CIPE, ANAC, MEF, MIT); thanks to data exchange services among systems it is the information system of work itself that allows the transmission of information to CUP, SIMOG, BDAP and ALIPROG4.

A user-friendly Monitoring of Public Works

• The platform, based on which the different profiles are created, is complete and articulated: it is an information system ready for the use that contains all features and information needed to support the public contracts processes management. It inherited the twenty-years’ experience and expertise gained from the Works Administrator product (client/server version) used for years by the most important Administrations and public administrations, and added to them the most innovative web technologies.
• A counselling service based on the experience of specialized technicians who have been working for years together with Administrations involved in the management of public contracts and that, thanks to the considerable expertise on the information system at their disposal, are able to examine each organizational structure to identify and create the best solutions for each user needs.
• Solution also available in SaaS

OO.PP. monitoring

Application for the Contracting Authority that allows to gather and catalog any type of descriptive information of the work details, such as documents, photographs, technical drawings etc., and associate it to the item to which is referred.
Through the use of this application it is possible to organize the descriptive information of each item, ensuring to those interested the sharing and availability of the documentation, as well as instant access in the presence of the correct permissions.

The application handles all the work items such as:
• General work details
• List of professional assignments of work and details for each assignment
• Levels of design, approvals, and changes of the economic framework of the project
• List of project-related opinions
• Data concerning the project funding
• List of contracts related to the work (more contracts can be managed for works, supplies and services, on the opening price at the auction, or the amounts available)
• General data on the contract
• Subcontracting and summary of authorized amounts by category (for each contract)
• Additional acts or changes to the main contract (for each contract)
• Times, suspensions, extensions etc. (for each contract)
• Work progress (for each contract)
• Payment and mandate certificates
• Completion of the works data (for each contract)
• Data relating to testing / CRE (for each contract)
• Control of the general economic context of the work
• Registration of DURC
• Notes and notifications

The software has a reporting system able to meet the complex needs of experienced users and, at the same time, easy to realize, thanks to wizards that helps the user in creating personalized reports.
Among the functionalities and the added values we highlight the presence of the events timetable and a valuable support for managing the entire process. The update of the final data is done via a parameterization system based on database views that can be extended and enhanced according to the customer’s needs.

The product includes three-years and annual planning module which allows the inclusion of data on the three-year and annual plans for LL.PP. and also the annual programs for supplies and services, and enables:
◦ definition of three-years plans and programs with detailed data on various design levels: feasibility study, preliminary, final and executive project;
◦ formulation of annual lists
◦ export of data in XML format according to the specifications of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport
◦ automation of requests from CUP to the CIPE

OO.PP. monitoring is natively integrated with the applications
• Sicr@Web J-Iris protocol
• Financial Accounting Sicr@Web J-Serfin
• Suite Procurements&Contracts E-Procurement for assignments management

Legislative Decree no. 229/2011 monitoring module

Application for the fulfilment of the Legislative Decree no. 229 of 29 December 2011 for transmission of information required in accordance with Article 2 of the Ministerial Decree 26.02.2013 and for the realization of “Public Administration Database” (PADB), on public works under design / construction on 21 February 2012 and public works initiated after that date.

This module allows the data entry to be communicated to the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) through a simple and intuitive interface, even on non-consecutive times.

• Data control function according to the specifications of MEF
• CUP code check
• Interoperability with ANAC and Regional Observatories for the validation of CIG codes and contracts data recovery from SIMOG or Regional Observatories
• Pre-populating of initial database with data coming from:
o MEF (CSV export from BDAP)
o Regional Observatory / ANAC
o Own management databases (e.g. EldaSoft Public Works software, financial accounting Sicr@Web)
• Possibility of regularly updating data extracting them from their own databases
• Data entry through distributing projects to each Administration RUP
• Bundling – reserved to the Administration Unique Referee – of data collected by RUP and creation of the file for transmission to PADB
• Extraction and printing of the detailed files with all data entered or missing. Possibility for the users to build their own reports and extract data as they want.
• Solution also available in SaaS

ANAC Communications module

It is the module that supports the Public Administration in the preparation of notices required by the National Anti-Corruption Authority for the transmission to SIMOG of data concerning contracts for works, supplies and awarded or assigned services since 1 January 2008, acquiring information directly from various management modules in use (Tenders, Contracts Executive Direction, Works Direction etc.) and thus avoiding the Public Administration to re-enter information already present in its database.

• manages the publication phase on SIMOG ANAC system
• sends all the documentation in charge to RUP for the contracts with a value exceeding € 40,000 to ANAC or the Regional Observatories on Public Contracts of expertise
• monitors the communications deadlines
• avoids to insert several times the same information, reducing the margin of error
• In the presence of the Procurements&Contracts Product the ANAC module allows to apply automatically the call number and the IGC Code provided by ANAC for the procurement procedures.

All applications of the Public Works suite are available in user license or in SaaS.


From Theory to Practice

• A counselling service available for the Administration to understand real needs and draw together with the customer the most suitable solution
• A team of trainers to transfer the knowledge and teach users how to take full advantage of the features and functionalities of the software
• A dedicated technical support service always and easily accessible
• A dedicated team for products maintenance

Integrations with other Solutions of Maggioli Group

The applications of the Public Works suite natively integrate with:
• The Procurements&Contracts E-Procurement suite
o Executive Contract Management module
o Contracts&Assigments – back office module
• Financial Accounting
o J-Serfin – Sicr@Web Suite
• Protocol
o J-Iride –Sicr@Web Suite

The applications of the Public Works suite have been chosen by:
• Emilia Romagna Region
• The municipality of Turin
• Province of Pisa
• The municipality of Pisa
• The municipality of Palermo
• The municipality of Bari
• Union of Municipalities of the Ceramic District
• Province of Mantua