Procurements & Contract

Procurements&Contracts eProcurement is a platform composed of several integrated applications to support contracting bodies in the computerized and electronic management of procurement procedures, including through digital interaction with economic operators.

The system is based on a set of modern applications developed in web technology and open standards, in order to ensure scalability, security and interoperability for the back office of contracting bodies, combined with a personalized web portal dedicated to the external publication of data, in accordance with local regulations on anti-corruption and transparency as well as on participation of suppliers to eProcurement.

Advantages of the Procurements&Contracts platform

  • Continuously updated to changing legislation
  • Time saving: it allows to manage all aspects of daily operations of the contracting entity/body with a single instrument rather than enter the same data repeatedly, reducing at the same time the possibility of mistakes
  • Instant Activation: the platform is available in SaaS mode (Software as a Service), does not require specific hardware or software but a simple Internet connection. On request, the platform can be installed at the server farm of the contracting body
  • Tailored to the contracting body: the system is available for configuration as single contracting station (SpA, foundations, authorities, utilities, local Public Administrations, healthcare facilities) or aggregated contracting station
  • Customization: in addition to the standard configuration, the platform can be adapted in form and content to meet all the requirements demanded by the contracting body
  • Safety: high security standards of the platform as a guarantee to the contracting body of the security of information and confidentiality of procurement operations
  • Excellence, result of more than a decade of experience and professionalism of the company in the field of digitalization and procurement for Public Administrations

Procurements&Contracts eProcurement platform modules


The module is dedicated to the comprehensive management of the whole process of awarding, of any amount and type, made in electronic or paper format. Thanks to the legislation constantly updated and codified in the system, and to the integrated timetable, the user is guided through the different phases of the procedure. Communications generated via PEC (certified e-mail system) and a powerful tool for the creation of documents and reports complement the capabilities of the platform. Thanks to the web portal dedicated to the external publication of data, all formalities required by the legislation on anti-corruption and transparency are always under control.


This module of the suite is dedicated to the management through electronic data transmission of one or more lists of qualified economic operators for works, supplies, services or professional assignments. Companies can consult active calls and submit application forms online, following a simple procedure assisted with instructions and documents that must be sent to the contracting body. Thanks to the different algorithms for the selection of companies, the search procedure is extremely simple and ensures impartiality and transparency in the rotation. Integrated with the platform Procurement & Awarding, this module allows a fully electronic management of negotiated procedures.


The solution includes the back office component for the management of registered operators, bid requests and purchase orders, as well as the Portal component for the publication of the catalog and interaction with operators. The software supports the contracting body in: selection of best deals compared to available products (best price on the product or best offer of the provider of most products), issuing of ODA (Purchase Order) or RDO (Request for Offer) requesting an improved offer or selecting with other criteria the operators enrolled in the electronic market.


This module is capable of supporting the preparation of communications required by the National Anti-Corruption Agency (ANAC) for the transmission to the Tender Monitoring Informative System (SIMOG) of data related to contracts for works, supplies and service awarded or assigned since 1 January 2008 and for CIG requests (Tender Identification Code), thus allowing the administration to avoid re-submission of information already inserted in the platform.


The Contracts Management module allows the management of specific information for the electronic stipulation of contracts (ex Legislative Decree no. 145/2013 and subsequent ANAC notices), collects manuals related to the acquisition of services, goods and / or professional services, and is closely linked to the execution of interventions and the generation of the digital envelope that must be sent to the revenue agency.