e-Government service portal is a complete system for the comprehensive management of the interaction of citizens and businesses with the Administration and its management software in back office. A flexible and configurable web portal, easily accessible on mobile devices.

The solution consists of the platform, with all IT basic infrastructures shared among the application modules; a suite of vertical application modules, specific to each area of the Public Administration; a set of support services for the activation, use and update of the system; a physical infrastructure for a secure and scalable delivery of the solution, ideal for bodies/authorities/entities which prefer a full turnkey solution to the classic licensing formula.

  • Transparent Administration Service
  • Demographic services
  • S.U.E. – One-stop shop for Construction
  • S.U.A.P. – One-stop shop for Productive Activities
  • City Tax
  • Local taxes
  • Financial intermediary
  • Highway code
  • Payments
  • School


The bottom layer of the system is an application platform that provides all the common infrastructure capabilities to the vertical application modules. Maggioli Informatica has carefully selected, designed and built these capabilities, thus setting a solid foundation for the entire system.
The main shared features are: unique user authentication for all modules; centralized configuration of the portal; submission of Generic Requests, regardless of the specific domain; communications to the citizen (G2C) and integrated reporting.

The Portal fully automates the information exchange with the management systems through integration connectors, collecting information that has to be sent directly to citizens and submitting requests received from citizens to the management systems.

The solution achieves high efficiency, thereby reducing operating costs.
The benefits of adopting a shared platform are:

  • flexibility and extensibility of the portal, thanks to the reusability of existing functions and the tailoring of each new application module only to the specific logical domain;
  • uniformity and consistency of the user interface, which offers a comfortable user experience and makes portal applications simple and easy to learn;
  • solidity, thanks to the reduced number of parts to maintain and upgrade;
  • independence of vertical components, each with its own archives, but with a common configuration service shared among all portal applications.

The services modules listed below are provided on the services portal, accessible via a specific link from the institutional website of the Administration.
Maggioli Informatica offers an additional service for the creation of flexible institutional websites adhering to all sector standards, capable of integrating the most used interactive services.
Users can access these services quickly and directly from the institutional portal.

The concept of transparency, according to the legislator, is intended to encourage the participation of citizens and stakeholders to the activities of the Public Administration. The portal offers an ample range of modular features, automatically fed from the back office:
• Transparent Administration module, for publication of plans, information, documents and proceedings as by Legislative Decree 33/2013. In particular, allows the publication in accordance to the classification required by Annex 1.
• Module for Praetorian Register and Proceedings Register Publication
• Module for Publication and Management of Tenders and Procurement (Anticorruption – L.190 / 2012), both Web and XML for communications to the AVCP (National Anti-Corruption Authority).

The portal includes a section dedicated to Demographic Services that offers functions for accessing information (current and historical), certification or self-certification, submission of requests and communications between citizen and administration.
The search/display features are also available for third parties, properly authorized and identified.
This service can be composed of the following application modules:
• Demographic certificates and self-certification
• Certification with a digital stamp QR-Code
• Submission of requests (registration, change of residence)
• Third parties’ certification and self-certification
• Third parties’ certification with a digital stamp QR-Code

The S.U.E. section of the portal is dedicated to the submission and management of requests related to building permissions (“preliminary inquiries”) and the subsequent monitoring of the path followed by the procedure within the administration.
The application conspicuously cuts the operating costs of preliminary inquiries by drastically reducing the amount of requests for clarification, information completion and document integration.

The main modules available are:
• Basic module for submission of requests in accordance with S.U.E. forms, also at national and / or regional standards: SCIA and CIL.
• Module for consultation of building permissions
• Module for consultation of sessions held and results from the Construction Commission

The S.U.A.P. section of provides an online One-stop shop for Productive Activities.
The features offered are consistent with the S.U.E. submission of requests system:
• Basic module for submission of requests in accordance with S.U.A.P. forms, also at national and / or regional standards: SCIA and CIL.
• Module for consultation of building permissions
• Module for consultation of sessions held and results from the Construction Commission

The system for submission of requests for S.U.E and S.U.A.P. One-stop shops allows a high degree of customization, in order to adapt managed information or filling of forms to the specific needs of the Administration. The authority can thus autonomously foresee new types of instances or adjust existing ones over time.

The portal includes a section dedicated to services for the fulfilment of regulatory obligations for the management of the City Tax.
Services can be used easily by operators of accommodation facilities and provide efficient support from local operators.
The main functionalities available are:
• submission of Attendance Register Declaration
• consultation of the Statement of account of accommodation facilities
Through the payment module, the system allows managers of accommodation facilities to complete their submission of declaration with a payment transaction.

The section “Local taxes” of the portal is dedicated to the management of interactions between Administrations and citizens/businesses.
Services allow to perform calculations and subsequently print F24 declaration; authenticated access allows also to display information on the taxpayer’s position (in terms of personal properties, real estate items, etc.), kept up-to-date through real-time connection with the back office applications.
Taxpayers can easily examine debt positions and verify previous payments (ex.: for taxes foreseeing spontaneous payments).
Depending on the tax category, it will be possible to produce a F24 declaration or proceed to an online payment via the payment subsystem available on the platform.

The portal offers online services to citizens and creditor companies for the consultation of Suppliers Statement of Account.
Each creditor can thus easily access financial reports, mandates and withholdings.

The Highway Code section of the portal provides information on infringements and allows to proceed with related payments.
Anonymous logins are also foreseen in order to allow the consultation of infringements records for which research in PRA or DTTSIS (Department of Motor Vehicles) databases are not fully completed, and therefore not yet associated with individuals.
In the case of unauthenticated access, search keys such as verbal number combined with license plate number and date of infringement are used to search and display information in a controlled manner.
The payment is made online through the activation of the payment subsystem which is part of the infrastructure of the portal, while the back office is immediately updated on the accomplishment of the transaction.

The portal provides a range of services to enable citizens and businesses to process online payments directly from the portal. This goal is achieved with some specific functional modules:
• Payment gateway integration module, which manages the interaction with the most common payment circuits;
• Web module for spontaneous payment which identifies payment source, items paid and related amounts. Depending on the specific type of payment, methods may require authentication or can be performed in guest mode (e.g. road traffic infringements);
• Module for account reconciliation of payments;
• Integration of the AgID (Digital Italy Agency) national node payment.

The School section of the portal foresees all necessary online services required by administrations for their School information desks.
The functionality options include parameterization of requests of various kinds, according to the specific needs of the authority and the geographical area of reference.
It allows to fill requests in an assisted and controlled manner, and to submit them to the authority back office systems (school enrolment, canteen service, transport service, etc.).

Delivery Mode

The deployment solutions of the system is different and can satisfy any administration, according to its peculiarities and needs. The system is deployable in on-site mode and in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) through the use of the M-cloud service of Maggioli Informatica.


In order to be deployed on-site, requires a server, either physical or virtualized, independently from the operating system, as it is able to run on both Windows and Linux servers.


In the event that the Agency does not have, or does not intend to use, its hardware infrastructure, the system can be used on M-cloud, which features redundant systems with high reliability.
This is essential for ensuring performance execution and service stability to a publication system that must comply with legal requirements and guarantee a 24/7 active service.