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Colombia represents an important stage for the Maggioli Group in the development process in international markets

In these days the contract was signed in Bogotá to realize the SIELOCAL project that will support the Colombian Federation of Municipalities (FCM) in the creation of a system of analysis and supervision of data for Local Authorities: a technologically innovative IT platform that collects all the information economic and financial sources from different sources and that is used to improve the management and transparency of public finance, providing its users with a powerful tool, reports and dashboards.

The project, which is financed with resources from the European Union, will be implemented by our subsidiary company Galileo Ingeniería y Servicios (based in Madrid) and will allow us to represent the information collected in an interactive manner, to offer open and public reports from all the administrations. 

Using ‘big data’ technologies will generate knowledge so that any user can access a wide catalog of information with different indicators. Sielocal is based on economic data, infrastructures and local equipment.

At present it has data from 8 countries including Spain’s main country (Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador and Chile) and it is working to incorporate information also from Brazil.


In the picture (from left to right):
Donato Todisco, Head of International Development and Public Institutions of the Maggioli Group
Gilberto Toro, Director General FCM Colombian Federation of Municipalities
José Luis Delgado Jalón, Chief Executive Officer of Galileo Ingegneria y Servicios


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