Integrated application software with Java and Web technology for efficiency in Public Administration management.

Sicr@Web is the software product for local public Administration whose goals consist on efficient management, development of processes, providing new services to citizens and enterprises, improving image and quality of Public Institutions.

Sicr@Web enables Public Administrations to take the long view with tranquillity/safety because it offers any technological device, according to New Digital Administration Code (“Nuovo Codice dell’Amministrazione Digitale”), such as certified e-mail, digital signature, log into network and services, Electronic Identity Card (EID), National Service Card (CNS), e-payment etc…, which are essential for improving efficiency and effectiveness of the entire Public Institution System, allowing its productivity to be recovered.

Distinctive features

Information Integration

The main feature of Sicr@Web consists on information interchange:

    • Among the local Authorities sectors ( demographical services, financial services, territory services, office staff, secretarial staff, register). It is possible to share files (or a part of them) that can be displayed as cards, index or statistical data.
    • With other Entities and/or private corporation. Thanks to its front office system, the application software enables the dialogue with citizens, enterprises, freelancer and other bodies that require such services provided by New Digital Administration Code.
    • With electronic Document Management System, whose aim consists on document archiving, efficient document query to restore productivity within Local Authorities.

Intuitive and original interface

Interfaces in Sicr@Web application display the same uniformity in the structure of page setting. The special attention paid to its ergonomic features improves information access.

Multidimensional browsing

Sicr@Web’s network platform provides an homogeneous browsing from different prospective. The expert user of “database” has the possibility of exploiting up-to-date techniques of data-mining, so that the required output can be gained. The user can, indeed, research every single element from any attribute that marks it.

Chronological Management of data

Sicr@Web organizes chronological record of data processing that may be subjected to modifications during time. In these cases it is necessary to record any variation occurred at a certain time. The user benefits from profits by a considerable support because this application planned to record any alteration on files- offers the complete historical reconstruction.

Off-line processing

This project allows the user to delegate all processes to central server (or cluster of them).
Every processing and operation may be processed offline, meaning that the user can forward a request to the application and he can pursue other activities immediately after.

Repository of documents

New documents can be entered directly through an appropriate interface or through applications that automatically access the Document Repository System. In both cases it is possible to associate a variable number of information to the entered documents: starting from name and description, then following with ACL (Access Control List that involves indifferently users, groups, offices). Then metadata, which is additional information file-externed, describes its content unambiguously. Metadata can be hierarchical structured.
Indeed, it is possible to associate correlated documents. These can be both new documents and already recorded documents into library. It is also possible to quest file thanks to filtering system on dataset.

Highly sophisticated search engine

Sicr@Web has at its disposal an highly sophisticate search engine that makes deep queries into database. First of all, it is possible to search any object into the database through one of the available query window (input and output mask). For example, on APR page you can find all the persons living in a certain street.
But Sicr@Web’s search engine allows more than that. As a matter of fact, you can query by simply digit the name, or surname, or any other attribute. Obviously, the final result of the search will appear more circumscribed and delimited if the entered attributes are able to segment the whole area as much as possible. Search criteria may be filed individually.


Sicr@Web’s workflow is the core of the entire software product. It has been projected to integrate applications and users that employ them. It represents the moment of aggregation and integration among different application domains. It enables the workflow to be modified without altering also the applications or preventing users from stopping their work.
Sicr@Web’s workflow enables users to interact one another in different ways. Thanks to Sicr@Web the user always brings under control the deadlines and as a consequence he can arrange his activity in the best possible way.


Sicr@Web’s structure allows local Authority’s organizational needs to be totally satisfied. The application software is based on a multi-module structure that allows features to be adapted to any sector of Local Authority. This modular structure enables an homogeneous balanced management of the whole information assets by Local Authority.
Unified database, documental repository, tools for browsing, query and calculator guarantee uniformity and ergonomics to the whole application, and offer maximal adaptability and highest performances.


Information integration

Sicr@Web is created with Java and Web technology, totally elaborated on open source applications server. Sicr@Web integration with Java environment enabled the development of complete interactive interfaces.

The user can interact rapidly and promptly with Sicr@Web pages, simply because this type of activity does not cause any communication with remote server for interface management.
The system provides excellent performances because Java code enables to modify in real time the configuration mask in relation to user’s operations. Thanks to Java interface, this application software is independent from browsers and other well-known problems with compatibility among their different versions.

Sicr@Web back office system can be managed by any personal computer through web modality, similar to that used by a common browser. As a consequence, Sicr@Web allows a wide configurability, and appears to be suitable for the specific requirements of Municipalities.

  • Traditional network LAN
  • Intranet/extranet network
  • Internet/extranet networks

The main advantages of this technology consist on abstraction from hardware and from operative system, transaction management, authentication, security, graduated system, workload balancing, transactional messages.