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Sistema Cooperazione Applicativa Catasto Comuni

Programme ELISA
Topic Innovation for Local Public Administrations
Duration January 2012 – May 2015 (36 months)
Budget € 3.000.000,00
Funding € 3.000.000,00

Project Summary

SCACCO aims to ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness to local public administrations in the process of quantification, collection and management of local taxes, ensuring a better capacity for governance, planning and control of the territory to prevent illegal and counter tax evasion, and in particular, seek tax fairness (by verifying the fairness of the property tax and its relationship to income) and bring the administration closer to the citizens and local companies, and simplify and make more efficient and transparent cadastral management.

The process putted in pace will archive these goals through the acquisition of cadastral, not only by “simply” assigning new tasks to the Municipality that ends with the creation of new offices, but also through the transformation of those processes historically managed by the local entity, integrating them with new internal procedures enabling a more effective and efficient economic management of the territory. The system proposed by SCACCO allows the implementation of an horizontal subsidiary in which the primary objective to pursue is not only related to the operational needs of the single office, but also, in a broader view, to the establishment of an environment of common knowledge which should provide benefits to both citizens and local companies.


Regione Campania

  • Comune di Salerno
  • Provincia di Salerno
  • Comune di Benevento
  • Comune di Caserta
  • Comune di Battipuglia
  • Comune di Ercolano
  • Comune di Aversa
  • Comune di Acerra
  • CST Sistemi Sud
  • CST Sannio

Regione Lombardia

  • CST Cremona

Regione Basilicata

  • CST Potenza

Regione Abbruzzo

  • Provincia dell’Acquila

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