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Personalized Platform Assisting Seniors in Healthy, Fulfilled and Active Life

Call AAL-2018
Topic Smart Solutions for Ageing Well
AAL Ref. no. AAL-2018-5-118
Duration May 2019 – October 2021 (30 months)
Budget € 2.441.932,50
Funding € 1.391.228,75

Project Summary

POSITIVE aims at designing, building and commercializing a digital platform for healthy, mobile seniors to prevent future cognitive and physical decline. The platform tackles the problem of growing loneliness and apathy amongst seniors, caused not necessarily by social isolation resulting from immobility but by a lack of meaningful connections and a clear purpose in life. Seniors desire to be not only consumers but also creators. This frequently overlooked fact creates a disconnect between what seniors want and what society and companies offer them. To alleviate that, POSITIVE is designed to address self-actualization needs of seniors.
POSITIVE consists of online (a) physical events facilitation, and (b) content. Both parts are co-created and sustained by the end users – seniors. The events are led by seniors or external organizations and have a personalized broad range from educational topics, through discussion clubs to organizing startups. Content part includes possibilities to share knowledge, learn, track health and be entertained. In order to differentiate itself from other offers, POSITIVE leverages technology and close user design (e.g., psychology-based gamification) in all services.


  • Reall (Poland)
  • Maggioli SPA (Italy)
  • Bluepoint Consulting SRL (Romania)
  • Ana Aslan International Foundation (Romania)
  • Eskilara S. Koop Txikia (Spain)
  • Fondazione Santa Lucia (Italy)
  • iHomeLab (Switzerland)

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