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Doing more with less: this is the concept that sums up the approach adopted by Maggioli Organizational Consultancy in the era of spending reviews.

With our assistance, we can help public administrations to improve the efficiency and quality of the services they provide for citizens. Consultancy is provided with a pragmatic and innovative approach, strongly oriented towards clearly tangible benefits for the client.

This approach stimulates administrations to develop relations with citizens and enterprises based on:
• simplification of administrative procedures
• rapid action
• quality in services
• reduction of wasted resources

Maggioli Organizational Consultancy for public administrations is so efficient and effective because it:

  • Offers … solutions and instruments to update organizational structures and achieve correct staffing levels (improved efficiency and cost reductions).
  • Provides … assistance in joint operating projects (exploiting economies of scale and integration of the resources of the territory).
  • Acts … on work processes and procedures to significantly reduce response times and administrative costs for citizens and enterprises new systems to identify the needs of the community.
  • Develops … new systems for contacts with citizens, with polyfunctional service facilities of the third generation, offering a single point of interaction where citizens and enterprises can find immediate and concrete solutions.



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