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Open City Platform

Call EU Digital Agenda
Topic Smart Cities and Communities and Social innovation
Duration January 2014 – June 2017 (48 months)
Budget € 11.950.000,00
Funding € 10.576.000,00

Project Summary

OCP intends to develop, implement and test new open and interoperable solutions that can be used on demand in the context of cloud computing, along with new organizational models sustainable in time for the public administration, to innovate with scientific results, new standards and technological solutions, the provision of services by local and regional public administrations to the citizens, private companies, and other government departments.

The value intended to give to OCP is that of a “Country Project” which, based on local needs, can guarantee results, experiences, projects, and infrastructures that having already regional and interregional importance impact nationally, creating value in particular domains, such as: the federation of cloud and related services, the provision of applications almost on demand, as well as the development of management mechanism of inter-organizational processes. To facilitate the usability of the applications on the cloud, it will be introduced marketplace functionalities, through the Citizen marketplace and Service marketplace, and governance capabilities of application services.

At platform level, OCP will introduce an iPaaS mechanism, reusable components for the development of application services, a PaaS specifically for e-Government and a strong support to Open Data / Open Service. As for the iPaaS the goal is to provide the tools to coordinate existing applications of local public administration to the cloud and managed on promise by individual agencies providing mechanisms so that one can develop integration flows linking these applications to those that reside in the cloud. This level of integration is accompanied by a PaaS component for e-Government.


  • AlmavivA SPA
  • Maggioli SPA
  • Santer Reply SPA
  • Pulsservice SRL
  • e-Linking Online Systems SRL
  • Filippetti SPA
  • Apra SPA
  • Halley Informatica SPA
  • Italsoft SPA
  • Jef SRL
  • Lascaux SRL
  • Sistemi Territoriali SRL
  • Sined SRL
  • Phoops SRL
  • 3D Informatica SRL
  • Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
  • Università degli Studi di Camerino

End Users


  • Regione Marche
  • Regione Toscana
  • Regione Emilia Romagna


  • Comune di Macerata
  • Comune di San Severino
  • Comune di Camerino
  • Comune di Matelica
  • Comune di Castelraimondo
  • Comune di Tolentino
  • Comune di San Benedetto
  • Comune di Ancona
  • Comune di Pesaro
  • Comune di Senigallia
  • Comune di Civitanova
  • Comune di Fabriano
  • Comunità Montana Alto e Medio Metauro
  • Comune di Ascoli
  • Comune di Rosignano Marittimo
  • Comune di Livorno
  • Comune di Lucca
  • Comune di Massa
  • Unione dei Comuni dell’Amiata Grossetana
  • Comune di Cesena
  • Unione dei Comuni della Bassa Romagna

Associated Partners

  • ANCI Emilia Romagna
  • ANCI Toscana
  • ANCI Marche

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