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Municipium is the best municipal app for public administrations open to citizens

An easy-to-use unified access channel for communications, events, information on waste disposal services, places of interest, notifications, surveys and all municipal services. Effective and convenient: the perfect official app for all municipalities.

Local administrators can finally communicate with citizens easily, rapidly, effectively and non-invasively, from news through to important communications using “push” messages.

All services can be automated to make it possible to interact effortlessly with citizens. The app is supplied to clients complete with access to an intuitive control panel with full instructions necessary to set up the app according to individual preferences.


  • News and events – To communicate geolocalized and organized news and events, and also automatically from the municipality’s website
  • “Push” messages – For important communications or emergencies, with all the power of “push” technology for citizens
  • Places, services and maps – For services and places of interest: sport, culture, associations, companies, tourism
  • Reporting and ideas – Offers citizens the possibility of sending secure and confidential notifications that can be easily managed
  • Smart wastes – Calendars and reminders for door-to-door collections, recycling centres, information on bulky items and recycling glossaries
  • Surveys – Involve citizens with proposals and opinions using quick surveys
  • Customization – From logos to general information, this is the perfect official customizable app for municipalities
  • Reminders and services – Personalization of reminders and services for citizens, for maximum accessibility

We developed Municipium by listening to the real needs of municipalities, and we continue to do this, adding new services that will always be included in product packages.

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