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The Maggioli Group, always attentive to the needs of central and local public administrations, has launched the Maggioli Museums project to offer local and national museums a vast range of products and services to make them more accessible, interactive and ready to satisfy the needs of the public.

Maggioli Museums can assist in the relaunch and development of Italy’s museums, starting from more traditional activities like printing and publishing but extending through to consultancy, digitization, information technology, training, web technologies, apps, virtual reality and augmented reality, areas in which the Maggioli Group has attained levels of excellence thanks to the takeover of Parallelo Srl, a company specializing in the creation of software and IT services for museums (websites, databanks and digital archives, virtual and online exhibitions and museums, apps).

From basic information to virtual reconstructions of historical settings and artistic objects, the use of modern technologies helps us to understand and contextualize works of art, narrating the background leading to their creation and reconstructing their meaning for more attentive and curious visitors.

Recent examples of our work include:

  • a touchscreen with a 3D reconstruction of the Tribuna of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and recently developed in a virtual reality version for the Samsung Gear VR headset;
  • a project for a virtual network of Italian museums implemented with the Museum app;
  • the Uffizi AR app for the reconstruction of artworks in Augmented Reality;
  • a Web APP and Wi-Fi network for the Siena National Gallery, and an interactive museum visiting system with motion control technology for Bassano Civic Museum;
  • a Wi-Fi network covering 13,000 m2 of the Uffizi Gallery, for 500 simultaneous users with a dedicated Web app;
  • touchscreens for the National Casa Giusti Museum at Monsummano Terme and for the La Petraia Medici Villa in Florence;
  • a virtual reconstruction of the Bardi Archives, currently distributed between various state archives.

We offer museums and galleries indispensable services:

  • Consultancy and design
  • Event organization
  • Exhibition installations
  • Digitization and 3D printing
  • Professional training

We work together with museums, galleries and other cultural institutions in the preparation of exhibitions, displays and cultural events in general.

We can also provide assistance for training and skill updates for directors and collaborators in the sector. The essential values of our work focus on excellence in planning and design, extreme attention to details and the completion of every project to the highest possible standards.

This is a particularly innovative area of our activity, with a strong emphasis on culturally and technologically advanced contents.


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