Information system to manage human resources

J-Pers is the Sicr@Web suite software, created in Java and Web Technology that allows the complete management of Human Resources, within an integrated system. J-Pers is a modular platform, built on a complete Legal System, where the aspects concerning the whole Institution and the employees, in their personal career and, during the development of their relationship with the Institution, are tracked and managed.

Forms that compose the solution

Have a product completely integrated for the management of the H.R. that is very flexible and has a large and articulated functional hedgeTo provide instruments able to associate the flexibility with the application power in a very easy way. Provide a complete but modular solution able to guarantee an appropriate answer to the Institution’s different needs, making possible to enter in one of the subsystems without precluding future extensions and manage with historical depth the information concerning the employee’s career, the wage events and, more generally, the institutions present in the system.
You share and use, in a full and natural way, the instruments provided in the Sicr@web suite functionality, such as workflow, document management, financial services, and other “bordering” application domains. The system guarantee a wide capability of being integrated with pre-existing systems in order to preserve past investments.

  • HR and Payroll Base
  • Time Sheet and Absence Economica
  • HR Document Management
  • Assessment (H.R. Evalution)
  • Employe/Manager administrator’s portals

Main features


When the data is introduced into the System it mustn’t be repeated, not even if distinct forms are activated at different times. The Database is unique and shared.

Multi Institution Management

The system enables the contemporary management of different Institutions, in order to satisfy the needs of different aggregations or consultants.

Multi Contract Management

The system enables the management of different Wage Contracts, used by the same Institution. At the same time, each Contract can be related to different Institutions.

Contractual Flexibility

It can guarantee the free management (through formulas and tables) of the wage and contributory rules, the pay items and register office and calculated data. The contractual Items can have a general version, as well as a personal one for the single Institution.

Historical depth

Almost all the information contained (Structuring of the Institution, Register Office Information, Items, Calculation Rules) is referred to a Period or a Date of Validity. There aren’t theoretical limits to the quantity of historical information that can be kept on-line.


The single User is able to create in full autonomy the information managed at the level of Employee Historical Records (curriculum or wage and personal information), defining in the system new categories of information that are completely integrated with the basic ones.


It is possible to install and set up the different forms individually, according to the user needs, without time and/or sequence bonds. Each form is also autonomous and therefore has all the basic functionalities necessary for independent utilization.


The solution has been designed to allow for wide freedom in the assignment of operational responsibilities, both from the application and from the system management side.


The System is regulated by a sophisticated security system that guarantees individual access to each function and can provide enabled access even to the buttons present on the functions.

Computer and human components

A final aspect that must be highlighted concerns the “human component” in H.R. management.
The problems related to the HR management (Legal, P/A and Economic regarding the Personnel) require professional profiles, where the experience, the knowledge of the regulations (especially within the Local Institutions) and continuous update are fundamental and unavoidable features.

The above mentioned aspects are valid for the solution development:

  • analysis of the environmental requirements
  • recovery and conversion of legal and economic data from previous computerizations and/or sources
  • basic and advanced training
  • assistance in start-up stage
  • product maintenance, hotlines and consultancy at customer site.

Therefore, we consider that the use of complete and advanced computer resources with high and experienced professional profiles guarantees a sure and reliable result.