Information system for the management and the simplification of document flows and administrative procedures

J-Iride is the Sicr@Web suite software, created in Java and Web technology that allows a Document Management integrated system and is organized as a modular platform that performs the automatic tracking and execution of the work and the Document Management flows. The suite is composed by a large range of application forms, starting with the Computer Protocol that can immediately support the administrative processes of the Institution.

It is possible to access to the information in the applications in an easy and intuitive way by using multimedia logics. All the information can be validated by affixing a Digital Signature and is strictly protected from unauthorized accesses (Access Control List). The software presents a minimum core where it is possible to add application and integration components.

Below there is a schematic summary of the computer system components.

Infrastructure Components

The infrastructure components represent the bases of the single application components that compose the J-IRIDE software’s domain, and they are also the integration link between them.

Integration Components

The integration components enable the J-Iride software to interact with all the infrastructure and supporting elements present in the computer system and that provide different services to a document management system. The integration and supporting forms guarantee, on the one hand, the integration with the computer system components, and on the other hand, implement the functionalities in order to provide the J-Iride system with the component management and utilization functionalities.

Application Components

The application components constitute the forms that provide the functionalities of the application domain they are addressed to. Such components make use of the services offered by the infrastructure and the integration/supporting components in order to carry out their functions.

  • Computer Protocol;
  • Interoperability between protocol systems;
  • Document flows;
  • Administrative procedures;
  • Administrative Acts Management;
  • Integration with management applications through Web Services

Workflow Management

The Workflow Management system has been designed to permit the integration and the abstraction of the different applications and its users. It works as a connection and enables the workflow modification without altering the single applications or bothering the users during their work.

Electronic Document Management

The J-IRIDE software allows the acquisition and filing of electronic documents, that might be digitally signed, and their classification depending on the Institution’s filing plan adopted to perform the computer protocol management (or on further classification categories that will be defined later on). The application is integrated with the “Workflow” form and hence allows a flexible document procedure management that is also easy to be set up by the users.