Demographic Services Information System

J-Demos is the Sicr@Web suite software, created in Java and Web technology, for the complete management of Register Office, Electoral, Civil State, Military, Statistic, and ID Card services. J-Demos is the result of the wealth of experience of the Maggioli Group software houses in the field of Demographic Services.

J-Demos aim is helping the operators through the automation of operations and an automatic communications flow that goes through the different application areas.

J-Demos guarantees the principle of no data duplication, still preserving the differences that define and mark the different files.


The software modularity allows each local office to adopt the single software forms from time to time, limiting the initial investment and offering the possibility of implementing the solution, since they can be perfectly integrated between them with the passing of time.

  • Registry Office
  • Electoral
  • Family Status
  • Conscription
  • Card C.I.E.
  • Services for Citizens
  • Document Management

Main innovations

Files process management

With J-Demos software, the register office files management is developed with dynamism and flexibility. Thanks to this system, the Demographic Services operator can set up automatic warning systems that start when the different phases of the file expire. The system checks the evolution of the files in progress, preventing possible delays and anomalies. The storage of all the performance parameters connected with the development of the files, offers a useful database to carry out the statistical evaluation of the service and the management costs.

General Index

J-Demos shares a single register office database with the other suite application forms, and so it can manage, transparently, a General Index that includes the personal details of all the individuals (natural or legal persons) who have or have had any kind of connection with the Local Institution.
J-Demos provides a global view that allows the individual’s different positions in each file to be brought back to a single individuality. J-Demos gives the benefit of a system where the operator can easily manage the files of his jurisdiction and can only see the files in his competence. Meanwhile, automatic functions update the links with the General Index.
The user benefits from a very simple system, since the operator is allowed to “see” just the operations on the files of his jurisdiction (register office, electoral, civil state), whilst the system updates the General Index file.

Printing management

The printing included in the application is created by an engine that generates reports with graphic interface, allowing the user to define and personalize the layouts.

Historical management

The information contained in the software files (population, electorate, acts, etc.) are subject to variations across time (e.g. register office variations, electoral revisions, annotations, adjustments, etc.), and for this reason they need to be continuously checked.

With J-Demos the operator benefits from considerable support as the application – designed to manage all the variations storage on the demographic files – is able to offer the whole historical rebuilding.
In addition to the data historical management, there are functions that track each operation executed, recording automatically the main updating or printing interventions made by the operators in log files, in order to accurately reproduce the phases of intervention on the data.