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Experimentation and Validation Openness for Long-term evolution of Vertical Industries in 5G era and beyond

Call H2020-ICT-2020-2
Topic ICT-41-2020: “5G innovations for verticals with third party services
Type IA
Reference Grant Agreement No. 101016608
Duration January 2021 – December 2023 (36 months)
Budget € 7,997,562.50
Funding € 5,999,993.75


Project Summary

The intense ongoing work towards 5G readiness has reached the point where the performance gains provided by 5G infrastructures should be exploited by third party innovators and SMEs, to create a new, open and dynamic ecosystem from both technology and marketing perspectives. Towards the materialization of the 5G performance gains at application and market level, key contributions are expected by the domain of design and development of Network Application (NetApp). In this context, EVOLVED-5G endorses the vision where the world of NetApps follows the paradigm of mobile applications hosted in a related market place. Moreover, the EVOLVED-5G project will contribute towards the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0. Recognized as one of the major vertical industries by 5G-PPP (referring to the digital evolving of workspaces), Industry 4.0 brings innovative use cases, yet technologically challenging, and create a fertile environment for SME-driven entrepreneurship, where new use case-tailored functions (as NetApps) can be provided to compose a digitalized, secure, and automated generation of the industrial operations (mainly referring to functions for process and machine control as well as procedures for advanced product lifecycle management). The industry-oriented EVOLVED-5G NetApps will be tested, validated, and certified in a vendor-agnostic experimentation platform, and progressively define the first set of NetApps that the EVOLVED-5G marketplace will host.

The role of Maggioli can be summarized as follows:

  • System Integrator
  • Technological Provider



  • Telefonica I + D SA (Spain)
  • National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (Greece)
  • Maggioli SpA (Italy)
  • Atos IT Solutions and Services SL (Spain)
  • Intrasoft International SA (Luxembourg)
  • Cosmote Mobile Telecommunications SA (Greece)
  • Lenovo GmbH (Germany)
  • Impact Entrepreneurship Award Ltd (Cyprus)
  • Universitad de Malaga (Spain)
  • Universitad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain)
  • GMi Aero SAS (France)
  • Internet Institute (Slovenia)
  • Cafatech (estonia)
  • InQbit Innovations SRL (Romania)
  • Fogus Innovations and Services PC (Greece)
  • Infolysis PC (Greece)
  • Eight bells Ltd (Cyprus)
  • PAL Robotics (Spain)
  • Quocomm PC (Greece)
  • Immersion (France)
  • Unmanned System OU (Estonia)

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