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Press review

Maggioli Group, taking stock for 2020 and the outlook for 2021

From managing the pandemic to prospects for business growth and relaunch. In the ranking list of the TOP 100 Data Manager IT Software and Service Companies 2020, Maggioli came 7th in the PA sector.

In 2020, the Maggioli Group put on a positive performance despite a particularly difficult year, thanks to timely management and planning in the first few months of the emergency and those which followed, and to the virtuous behaviour of all employees. 2021 began with proactive momentum, setting challenging goals for company growth and consolidation, not only from an economic viewpoint, but above all in terms of content and skills.

The 2020 consolidated financial statements of the Maggioli Group reached € 186 million in revenues, with 2021 expected to exceed € 210 million.

The Group faced the pandemic by immediately organising itself to make remote working possible for over 88% of its employees, with strong technical support from the IT team. The premises were fully sanitized, in accordance with regulations, by setting up workstations with hygiene kits in every office and service, and masks, gloves and thermo-scanners at the entrance. These measures are essential to ensure the safety of employees when they re-enter the company, which is still characterised by shifts and rotations, favouring remote working, to avoid gatherings.

"During the difficult months of the lockdown," says Cristina Maggioli, Managing Director of Human Resources, Environment and Safety, "remote working forced us to find new solutions, new products, new systems. We experimented and learned together and this was an important stimulus to become more effective and more efficient.

A dynamic, practical and proactive approach that enabled the Group to continue its business, drawing from the awareness of the moment incentives to improve both as a company – including by receiving the Certificate of Ethical Work Excellence - and as a supplier.

The creation of value is an aspect to which the Group pays particular attention, both in terms of quality and of respect for the internal and external context: social, environmental and as regards skill enhancement. For example, in the area of online training, the activities continued of the Maggioli Academy, which stands out for its range of training courses dedicated to the study of the key skills which characterise the new professional figures required by the market, such as the Data Scientist. In addition, more than 2,000 hours were dedicated to internal training courses. These were attended by approximately 2,300 people including employees and collaborators.

Maggioli, leader in integrated solutions for the Public Administration, in the field of information and communication technologies, with services and products also dedicated to Companies and Professionals, has sustained the strong boost given by the pandemic to the digitalization process, supporting its customers, in particular the PA, with their organisation and internal management to the benefit of the public.
2020 brought with it a change in the way we live, behave and also work; within the company particular support was reserved for those who used to make the handshake a symbol of the success of a negotiation and who today have reinvented themselves online, limiting, if not eliminating, face-to-face visits. The Maggioli Group, which boasts over 300 sales professionals, took advantage of the 33rd International Sales Convention, held online on 21st January, to thank them and remind them that the value of a company depends more on its ability to innovate and renew itself than on its turnover. This moment of closeness was also shared with our international colleagues from Spain and Colombia, who distinguished themselves by confirming their turnover in a particularly difficult year.

In this direction, Amalia Maggioli, Managing Director of Sales, Marketing and Foreign Affairs, focused on the good results achieved in the information and communication technology sector, up on the previous year, with particular reference to the 60% increase in the number of municipalities served by the Municipium app, which enables direct dialogue between members of the public and authorities. "We are in a position to look to tomorrow with confidence," commented Amalia Maggioli, "recalling this year which we have faced with dynamism, further increasing the acceleration which has taken place in the area of digitalisation, more reactive than ever, but always with an eye on our origins because without memory there can be no future and no innovation."

2020 was characterised by the timely development of new products and specific services to support Public Administrations and private individuals in the management of an emergency and a new reality, accompanied by an intensification of technical assistance and advisory services. This challenge was fully grasped and accepted by the Maggioli Group, which developed strategies and designed solutions to guide the digitalisation process, investing in talented people and integrated specialist skills.
The Group, which has been diligent in framing the provisions of the Simplification Decree on digital administration, has also been involved in the dissemination of content for professional operators and interested members of the public, as in the case of the Raduno dei Responsabili per la Transizione al Digitale (Meeting of those Responsible for Transition to Digital), constant updates on and in-depth courses for professionals and companies in the technical field, from the legal area to construction and taxation.

The directives are outlined: cloud, artificial intelligence, interoperability and public-private collaboration are some of the main issues which we must be in a position to guide and manage in order to best address the challenges presented by digital transformation and convert them into opportunities. Directives which the Maggioli Group has internalized and which have characterized its growth in recent years.

Constant growth, also underscored by its ranking in the list of the TOP 100 Data Manager IT Software and Service Companies 2020, which saw Maggioli S.p.A. come 7th in the PA sector, based on 2019 data, a clear improvement compared to the previous ranking.

"We are now even more responsible towards our colleagues, employees and public and private customers; an awareness that should spur us to give our best, to act, not to suffer, developing, step by step, all the objectives we have set ourselves, guided by the same farsightedness that has accompanied the Group for over 100 years”  - said Paolo Maggioli, the Group's CEO, who concluded by focusing on the continuous Research & Development activities and on the project for the expansion and constant strengthening of Maggioli in the information and communication technology sector. In fact, three companies have joined the Group in the last four months, all operating in the ICT sector, albeit with different competences: from cybersecurity to closer focus on technological solutions in the healthcare sector, cloud strategies and the application of artificial intelligence.

22 April 2021
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