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Shaping inclusive data Pathways towards the Energy Transition

Maggioli Group is participating in a new project that aims to create a reference Energy Data Space implementation. “Synergies” is an innovative EU funded project that aims at establishing a reference Energy Data Space through sharing innovation in value chains in the energy field, which is fragmented due to the growing number of distributed energy resources connected to the network.

Started on the 1st of September 2022, the kick-off meeting of Synergies project was finally held on the 21st and 22nd September in Limassol, Cyprus. It was an exciting opportunity to meet in person all the consortium partners coming from different countries. The discussion focused on activities planning and execution to share innovative perspective on data-driven intelligence system for value chains optimization.

Synergies promotes the creation of a data-driven intelligence ecosystem that not only supports energy operators in improving efficiency in supply operations but also enables prosumer inclusiveness in market transactions.
The project delivers data-driven and intelligence-enabled digital solutions and energy services to effectively contribute to data re-usability for business value generation and energy system decarbonization. Synergies integrates cutting edge big data management technologies, enabling interoperable communication and exchange with heterogeneous data sources and platforms.


The consortium is composed by 22 partners from 11 countries and involves partners with multi-domain expertise and interdisciplinary knowledge in four areas: (i) Energy systems & Services, (ii) Big Data Management, Interoperability, Security & Analytics, (iii) Business Innovation & Energy Markets and (iv) Social Sciences and Humanities, with focus on citizen engagement and legal issues. Taking into consideration the four knowledge and expertise areas mentioned, the partnership has been built with the aim of covering the whole value chain and providing the competencies, knowledge and expertise needed for its successful implementation.

The project is funded within the European Union’s Horizon Innovation Actions - Sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply CL-5-2021-D3-01 under Grant Agreement: 101069839.

15 February 2023
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Maggioli Group is a coordinator of an innovative project that will consider AI-enabled security solutions to provide a better prediction of cybersecurity.

05 December 2023

RadioVal Celebrates Remarkable First Year and Unveils Visionary Plans for Year Two

Celebrating a milestone year, RadioVal, an EU-funded project at the forefront of breast cancer care innovation through AI, reflects on its impactful journey and sets its sights on the future. In the past year, RadioVal achieved significant milestones, laying a robust foundation for the groundbreaking work ahead.

16 November 2023

Maggioli a leading partner in ENFIELD: European Lighthouse to Manifest Trustworthy and Green AI

Maggioli is proud to announce its participation in a new project titled ENFIELD: European Lighthouse to Manifest Trustworthy and Green AI

15 September 2023
Press release

Maggioli and the selling shareholder, in consultation with the joint global coordinators Mediobanca and Intesa Sanpaolo, announce the decision to withdraw the offering of Maggioli’s ordinary shares

11 July 2023