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Maggioli Group is participating in the leading European Advanced Digital Skills project LEADS (Leading Europe’s Advance Digital Skills)

Leading Europe’s advanced digital skills by providing knowledge, guidance, and best practices to shape the digital future

Advanced Digital Skills are not isolated and are a piece of the whole Digital Decade puzzle with an investment in tech adoption that will create a significant demand across the EU which will need leading Advanced Digital Skills to secure Europe’s digital supply chains.

The overall goal of LeADS is to provide insights into the changing advanced digital skills (ADS) demands within a dynamic technological development context and current digital transformation to equip skills suppliers (education and training) with the knowledge, guidance and best practices to shape the future of European ADS talent and support the effective implementation and collaborative success of the ADS programme within the Digital Europe Programme (DEP).


LeADS will through the identification of the most important digital skills, promote those in an open format to teachers and education and training staff, but also will through the gap identification between education and labour market, suggest important digital training areas, supporting the creation of highly relevant learning content. LeADS promotes important advanced digital skills to higher education institutions based on the initial survey, covering all areas of digital education, including computing education, data processing and AI.

LeADS is a Coordination and support action (CSA), funded by the European Commission. The project is led By BlueSpecs, a leading Spanish digital transformation consulting company, in cooperation with IDC Italia and Maggioli Group in Italy and Martel Innovate in the Netherlands, the Universidad Politecnica De Madrid in Spain, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, Syddansk Universitet in Denmark, DAIRO (formerly knowns as BDVA – the Big Data Value Association) and AOTI - Alliance for IoT and Edge Computing Innovation in Belgium.

04 February 2023
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Maggioli co-leads a key work package in the EUCAIM flagship project of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. Kick off for federated European infrastructure for cancer images.

The EUropean Federation for CAncer IMages (EUCAIM) project is a 4-year project with 76 partners from 14 European Union (EU) member states.

26 May 2023

Cloud solutions and Data Center

We have developed strictly proprietary Cloud infrastructure and solutions by identifying and leveraging the best technologies on the market.

20 April 2023

Shaping inclusive data Pathways towards the Energy Transition

Maggioli Group is participating in a new project that aims to create a reference Energy Data Space implementation. “Synergies” is an innovative EU funded project that aims at establishing a reference Energy Data Space through sharing innovation in value chains in the energy field, which is fragmented due to the growing number of distributed energy resources connected to the network.

15 February 2023

Maggioli Group participates to a new European project to clinically validate an artificial intelligence solution for breast cancer treatment planning - the RadioVal project

RadioVal is the first major multi-centre, multi-continental and multi-disciplinary project to clinically validate an artificial intelligence solution for the prediction of patient-specific response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer, in eight clinical centers across Europe, South America, North Africa and Eurasia.

08 February 2023