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A cloud computing management system for the interconnection of Public Administrations


Programme POR FESR Abruzzo 2014-2020
Topic Strategic Objective 5 “Develop innovative systems to improve the quality of life of the population
Duration Febbraio 2017 – Marzo 2020 (36 months)
Budget € 5.879.253,00
Funding € 3.026.102,60

Project Summary

ConnectPA aims to develop and test a new technological model for the provisioning of IT solutions of the Public Administrations that, starting from a critical evaluation of the current models and methodologies, establishes the guidelines and tools necessary for the development of new, modern and efficient products and services; and when possible and convenient, review and improve the existing ones. The specific objective is to design, deploy and implement a cloud computing platform enabling the interconnection of services in order to i) increase the efficiency of the Public Administrations and develop interoperable e-Government services and integrated solutions for smart cities and communities.


  • Maggioli SPA
  • Metron SRL
  • Tirasa SRL
  • Università dell’Aquila

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