Information System for the Local Police Department’s assets management
Concilia is the integrated software solution that guarantees the complete and precise management of the Local Police Department’s activities


Concilia, with its different applications, is used by around 2,000 Institutions and that makes it the leader of the Italian market and a reference point for the sector.

The Concilia information system is composed by a series of integrated forms for the:

  • administration of minutes concerning the Highway Code and other violations
  • importation of data flows from external databases (licences databases, municipal register offices, tributary register office)
  • interface with systems for the verification of violations (palmtops, speed meters, traffic lights equipments, access control of limited traffic zones)
  • road accidents management
  • duty schedule management, etc.

Concilia is the result of the wealth of experience in the Maggioli Group software houses in the field of the Local Police. The Concilia suite development stage has been distinguished by the remarkable effort to translate the procedural process that the operator usually uses during his ordinary work in his office. The procedures are easy to use and understand, possess scrupulous controls and are very complete.

The Concilia suite is available both on the Web (Java) and on Windows

The two versions are exactly the same regarding functionality and they can coexist in the same database, allowing the user to take advantage of the potential of both technologies.