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The Maggioli Group, always attentive to the needs of central and local public administrations, has launched the Maggioli Museums project to offer local and national museums a vast range of products and services to make them more accessible, interactive and ready to satisfy the needs of the public.

Maggioli Museums can assist in the relaunch and development of Italy’s museums, starting from more traditional activities like printing and publishing but extending through to consultancy, digitization, information technology, training, web technologies, apps, virtual reality and augmented reality, areas in which the Maggioli Group has attained levels of excellence thanks to the takeover of Parallelo Srl, a company specializing in the creation of software and IT services for museums (websites, databanks and digital archives, virtual and online exhibitions and museums, apps).

From basic information to virtual reconstructions of historical settings and artistic objects, the use of modern technologies helps us to understand and contextualize works of art, narrating the background leading to their creation and reconstructing their meaning for more attentive and curious visitors.

Recent examples of our work include:

  • a touchscreen with a 3D reconstruction of the Tribuna of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and recently developed in a virtual reality version for the Samsung Gear VR headset;
  • a project for a virtual network of Italian museums implemented with the Museum app;
  • the Uffizi AR app for the reconstruction of artworks in Augmented Reality;
  • a Web APP and Wi-Fi network for the Siena National Gallery, and an interactive museum visiting system with motion control technology for Bassano Civic Museum;
  • a Wi-Fi network covering 13,000 m2 of the Uffizi Gallery, for 500 simultaneous users with a dedicated Web app;
  • touchscreens for the National Casa Giusti Museum at Monsummano Terme and for the La Petraia Medici Villa in Florence;
  • a virtual reconstruction of the Bardi Archives, currently distributed between various state archives.

We offer museums and galleries indispensable services:

  • Consultancy and design
  • Event organization
  • Exhibition installations
  • Digitization and 3D printing
  • Professional training

We work together with museums, galleries and other cultural institutions in the preparation of exhibitions, displays and cultural events in general.

We can also provide assistance for training and skill updates for directors and collaborators in the sector. The essential values of our work focus on excellence in planning and design, extreme attention to details and the completion of every project to the highest possible standards.

This is a particularly innovative area of our activity, with a strong emphasis on culturally and technologically advanced contents.


Municipium is the best municipal app for public administrations open to citizens

An easy-to-use unified access channel for communications, events, information on waste disposal services, places of interest, notifications, surveys and all municipal services. Effective and convenient: the perfect official app for all municipalities.

Local administrators can finally communicate with citizens easily, rapidly, effectively and non-invasively, from news through to important communications using “push” messages.

All services can be automated to make it possible to interact effortlessly with citizens. The app is supplied to clients complete with access to an intuitive control panel with full instructions necessary to set up the app according to individual preferences.


  • News and events – To communicate geolocalized and organized news and events, and also automatically from the municipality’s website
  • “Push” messages – For important communications or emergencies, with all the power of “push” technology for citizens
  • Places, services and maps – For services and places of interest: sport, culture, associations, companies, tourism
  • Reporting and ideas – Offers citizens the possibility of sending secure and confidential notifications that can be easily managed
  • Smart wastes – Calendars and reminders for door-to-door collections, recycling centres, information on bulky items and recycling glossaries
  • Surveys – Involve citizens with proposals and opinions using quick surveys
  • Customization – From logos to general information, this is the perfect official customizable app for municipalities
  • Reminders and services – Personalization of reminders and services for citizens, for maximum accessibility

We developed Municipium by listening to the real needs of municipalities, and we continue to do this, adding new services that will always be included in product packages.

Read news and press reviews on the Municipium Blog


Doing more with less: this is the concept that sums up the approach adopted by Maggioli Organizational Consultancy in the era of spending reviews.

With our assistance, we can help public administrations to improve the efficiency and quality of the services they provide for citizens. Consultancy is provided with a pragmatic and innovative approach, strongly oriented towards clearly tangible benefits for the client.

This approach stimulates administrations to develop relations with citizens and enterprises based on:
• simplification of administrative procedures
• rapid action
• quality in services
• reduction of wasted resources

Maggioli Organizational Consultancy for public administrations is so efficient and effective because it:

  • Offers … solutions and instruments to update organizational structures and achieve correct staffing levels (improved efficiency and cost reductions).
  • Provides … assistance in joint operating projects (exploiting economies of scale and integration of the resources of the territory).
  • Acts … on work processes and procedures to significantly reduce response times and administrative costs for citizens and enterprises new systems to identify the needs of the community.
  • Develops … new systems for contacts with citizens, with polyfunctional service facilities of the third generation, offering a single point of interaction where citizens and enterprises can find immediate and concrete solutions.



We offer an ample range of services for Computerized Document Management capable of meeting the needs of the many operators looking not only for ways of managing documents more efficiently, but also methods to allow them to transmit communications and to file and search for documents.

The activities developed make it possible to organize and more effectively use the information contained in the archives of public administrations, cultural institutions, filing centres, professionals and companies of all dimensions.

We provide consultancy and create integrated and vertical services for the full outsourcing of documental processes, using the most advanced web-based technologies in compliance with the latest regulations on electronic document storage and electronic invoicing.

Our aim is to make time-consuming and costly activities like document filing, searches, consultation and distribution more efficient. Recent studies have shown in fact that optimizing these processes allows productivity to be boosted by over 60%.

Our offer of services is comprehensive, and includes:

  • Document composition and multi-channel delivery
  • Operating manual for the IT protocol used to control document and file flows
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Electronic document storage
  • Document digitization
  • Digital reproduction of historical documents
  • Metadata production and cataloguing
  • Micrograph reproduction
  • Conversion of microfilms to digital formats
  • Digital web libraries
  • Web document services
  • Management consultancy
  • J-Iride software to manage and simplify document flows and administrative procedures
  • Rotary scanners for large formats
  • Overhead scanners

Accredited as an Electronic Document Storage provider
On 27 July 2015, the AGID Agency for Digital Italy – Presidency of the Council of Ministers accredited Maggioli SpA as a provider of Electronic Document Storage services. The company was therefore entered in the register of accredited providers, and from that date we are officially authorized to provide electronic document storage services.

OPERATING CIRCULARS FOR LOCAL AUTHORITIES is a Maggioli Editore subscription service that provides operating circulars for local authorities, ensuring rapid information updates of extreme practical utility for local authorities.

  • Local Finance and Taxes
  • General Secretariat and Human Resource Management
  • Local Police and Commerce
  • Demographic Services

For each of these areas, the service consists in the transmission of two circulars every week that make it possible to:

  • identify statutory obligations for local authorities, with practical and essential indications for their effective implementation, also with the assistance of operative materials (deadline schedules, forms, summary charts, etc); confidently manage daily office problems, with access to single-topic guides that illustrate the most important issues simply and schematically (for example, how to draft management directives, manage personnel absences, ascertainment of tax payments, procurement, obligatory fiscal mediation, control over private clubs, compulsory health treatments, new population registry requirements, registry office procedures, etc);

  • promptly discover all the main modifications in each sector (regulations, administrative and legal practices), with special articles commenting on the most important measures.

News published on the website is accessible free of charge. circulars help service managers to:

  • identify any statutory obligations for which they are responsible, basing their actions on practical and essential indications for their effective implementation;

  • confidently manage daily office problems, with access to single-topic guides;

  • promptly discover all the main modifications in each sector, with special articles commenting on the most important measures.

The service is completed by a section dedicated to personnel mobility and discussion forums, also freely accessible.


Maggioli Channel is a new service that guarantees the various offices of public administrations prompt and constant information on the main changes in laws and regulations applicable to their sectors of interest.

The service provides 11 online videoconferences per year, viewable live or later as preferred, at monthly intervals and each lasting about one hour, and held by prestigious experts on each topic.

During each videoconference a specific theme of particular interest for those working in the sector will also be examined in detail, offering a highly effective focus on operative realities and providing charts and outlines for official documents that can be downloaded and personalized.

What are our videoconferences and how do they work? With our videoconferences you can participate in top-quality online course directly from your desk, because all you need is a computer with an internet connection and audio capacity (headphones are recommended).

All videoconferences can be followed live: after registering for every single event, the user receives an automatic email with a link allowing the videoconference to be accessed. If users are unable to follow events directly, videoconference recordings can be viewed at any time on demand.

The service include includes “Quindici”, a fortnightly circular providing operative assistance in the application of procedures and obligations.

Choose your channel:

  • Tendering and Contracts Channel
  • Anti-corruption Channel
  • Tax Office Channel
  • Financial Reporting and Accountancy Channel


The Maggioli Digital Library offers over 100 volumes that can be consulted from computers or tablets.

Volumes can be consulted in a protected and non-printable PDF format for municipal serviced managers:

  • Administration, Management and Personnel;
  • Tendering and Contracts
  • Financial Reporting, Accountancy and Taxes
  • Police and Economic Activities
  • Technical Offices
  • Demographic Services
  • Social Services and Schools

The Maggioli Digital Library allows subscribers to:

  • Consult new publications in specific areas of interest;
  • Consult volumes from previous years that are still applicable;
  • Consult updates to volumes released after publication;
  • Download a service app to consult volumes from outside the office using a tablet;
  • Register for Maggioli newsletters with updates.

Subscribers can:

  • read PDF files from volumes inside a web page of the service, except for add-on services
    (files on CD ROMs, access to internet services, e-learning courses, etc);
  • select text sections from volumes to copy and paste into Word documents;
  • search for words on PDF files, with a list of the results found, complete with page numbers;
  • scroll through pages using intuitive arrows or by entering the required page number in a dedicated box;
  • zoom in on PDF texts using intuitive icons;
  • rotate pages and change display layouts (single pages, double pages, etc);
  • view a PDF page in full screen mode, even without site graphics;
  • if PDFs have bookmarks, the viewer can display them in a list that can be used to consult the volume.

Service activation codes are sent to clients by email.

The service app can be downloaded free in iOS and Android versions for tablets. The app can then be used to download files and read volumes offline by entering the email address and the password received.


3D printing allows solid objects to be produced starting from a digital model created with any 3D modelling software.

The Maggioli 3D service makes it possible to rapidly and cheaply produce solid objects to assess many aspects, including functionality, ergonomics, appearance, suitability, etc.

The possibility of rapidly creating functioning models from a CAD project printed in three dimensions allows web designers and all other members of the team immediately understand the choices made, without making mistakes, reducing any necessary changes to a minimum.

3D printing allows a solid reproduction of a model developed with any 3D CAD design software to be obtained, using a process that deposits materials with special printer heads.

The innovative technologies applied by Maggioli to create prototypes and other objects with 3D printing allow remarkable results to be obtained, in terms of both appearance and functionality. The range of materials available allows all your ideas to be transformed into reality.

3D printing is ideal for rapid prototyping, guaranteeing easy procedures and rapid results, passing quickly from the design phase to actual production, regardless of the complexity of the object, with limited operating times and costs.

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