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We continue with international development: in Greece, in Athens, a new Maggioli Group officies with a focus on the development of EU-funded R&D projects

The Internationalization process of the Maggioli Group continues: new officies are opening in Athens with the aim of incorporating, before the end of the year, 15 collaborators to create a team dedicated to R&D (Research and Development) and development activities. business in the field of ICT.

The opening of the Athens subsidiary is the culmination of a journey started in 2010, when our R&D team began working with a network of Greek companies in the field of research projects funded by the European Union.

In the last decade, many Greek companies in the ICT sector have invested in research and innovation as the key to getting out of the country’s economic crisis, while developing innovative and recognized European professional skills and profiles.

A decisive step forward has been made in the last two years: thanks to the synergistic work between our teams dedicated to International Development and R&D and a group of Greek professionals with experience of more than ten years in the field of research projects financed by the European Union, a really interesting collaboration.

The results of the collaboration have been excellent, with 14 research projects funded in strategic areas for the future development of the Group in the field of: Electronic Administration, Blockchain, Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, Health, Security, Training and Big Data, by an amount of more than 6.5 million euros.

The Greek officies of the Maggioli Group are located in the northern part of Athens (specifically at Andrea Papandreou street 19) near the Attica Ring Road (direct route to the International Airport) and 100 meters from the metro station.

This branch of Athens in Greece joins those of the peninsula and the Canary Islands in Spain, Bogotá in Colombia and Brussels in Belgium.


Since April 1, 2020, the company ATM Grupo Maggioli SL, a company based in Madrid and 6 commercial subsidiaries in Spain, born from the merger of ATM DOS SL, (ATM CONTA SL, ATM GT SL) and INFAPLIC SL , both belonging to Gruppo Maggioli SpA, the undisputed leader in Italy in the Public Administration sector.

A history of experience and growth that unites the two Spanish companies and the Italian Group:

  • ATM DOS, with 48 years of experience in the sector, is a benchmark for the Spanish Local Administration, both in the development of specific Software for municipal management, and with other products and services such as specialized Consulting, Publishing and Training, collaborating always with the Administration towards its complete digital transformation.
  • Infaplic, with more than 25 years of activity, is a company specialized in Assistance in the areas of Tax Collection and Inspection and in the Development of Cloud and Software for the Management of Taxes and Inventories of Local Entities.
  • Maggioli Group: with more than 100 years of history, the undisputed leader in the offer of products and services for Local Government, today it is a benchmark partner among Italian ICT Information & Communication Technology companies, with a volume of 160 million euro business, has more than 10,000 local entities clients in the Italian market.

ATM Grupo Maggioli thus, it brings together the Experience, Specialization and Good Work of the best companies in the sector, specialized in the development of management software and in the provision of exclusive services for the Local Administration, creating a wide Offer of integrated Products and Services of the highest quality: Development of management software, Collaboration Services in the Management, Collection and Inspection of Taxes, Consulting in Public Accounting and Personnel Management, Payroll and Social Security, specialized Publishing and Training and permanent technical advice among others.

ATM Grupo Maggioli is present throughout the national territory, with a turnover of 8 million euros in 2019 and more than 100 employees; It arose to consolidate itself as the most important Software and Services Development company for Local Administration in Spain, with the objective of its expansion in Latin America, where the Group has already successfully operated for a year with the company Maggioli Latam.


The Group’s Executive Director, Paolo Maggioli, receives the 2019 Special EY Entrepreneur Award whose delivery ceremony took place on Thursday, November 21 in MIlán, at Palazzo Mezzanotte, headquarters of the Italian Stock Exchange.

The Award represents an important and prestigious recognition reserved for Italian entrepreneurs at the head of companies with a turnover of at least 25 million euros, who have been able to create value, with an innovative spirit and a strategic vision, contributing to the growth of the economy.

The Special Jury Prize to Paolo Maggioli was assigned “for the important contribution to digital transformation, innovation and the simplification of the activities of the Public Administration, freelancers and companies”.

“I am honored to receive this important recognitionsaid Paolo Maggioli during the delivery ceremonyfruit of the success of a centennial family business that over time has been able to diversify, without being afraid to experiment and invest in new fields such as technological innovation. If today we are one of the main Italian players in the offering of Information Technology for the digital transformation of Public Administration, we owe it to the spirit of initiative, global vision and attention to new market needs and, in particular, to the complete exchange of the values ​​of doing business, to a great teamwork of those who are part of our Group and with whom I share the award ”.


Maggioli Group, the Italian company with the widest and most qualified range of products and services for the Public Administrations, SMEs and Professionals, will lead the FACTLOG project, funded by the European Union within the Horizon 2020 framework program.

The 42-months project, which started in November 2019, envisages collaboration between major companies operating in software development, with Universities and Research Institutions from 11 European countries: Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.

The FACTLOG (Energy-Aware Factory Analytics for Process Industries) project enables the “Cognitive Factory” as a set of independent but interconnected Enhanced Cognitive Twin, capable of automating and, therefore, detecting and effectively react to anomalies and interruptions, as well as opportunities in terms of improving the production process, since they enjoy a local or global vision of the operations and are able to reason and optimize energy efficiency in the long term.

The technologies developed within the FACTLOG project will be tested and validated in 5 industrial sectors (automotive, steel manufactoring, petrochemical, textile and renewable energy) with the support of 5 European partners (Continental Automotive – Romania, BRC Reinforcement – United Kingdom, Fratelli Piacenza – Italy, Tupras  – Turkey, and JEMS – Slovenia) and three manufacturing clusters, Control 2k (UK), Hanse Aerospace (Germany) and Tages (Turkey).

Maggioli will coordinate all project management activities, taking into account costs, potential risks, and quality levels to allow all partners to work together under the best conditions. It is also responsible for interacting with the European Commission, providing progress reports and relevant information during the implementation of the project. From a technical point of view, it plays an important role in the development of the FACTLOG platform acting as the Technical Coordinator, and in the design, implementation and full deployment in the pilot sites.

With this last acquisition, Maggioli has 10 innovative European projects in its portfolio.


Maggioli Group was one of the companies that received the Responsible Innovators Award in Ravenna (Italy). Special mention for the project aimed at employees “Well-being and commitment in the company”.

Thanks to a series of initiatives that promote the well-being of company employees, such as the company’s yoga and nursery classes. Maggioli Group received a special mention for the project “Well-being and commitment in the company” within the Award for responsible innovators established by the Emilia-Romagna Region.

Cristina Maggioli, Head of Human Resources (HR) of the company, who was among the 32 winning projects, was chosen among the 139 candidates from Emilia-Romagna and received the award.

The last day of the 5th edition of the Responsible Innovators Award, the annual contest with which the Region promotes and improves the projects carried out by companies, associations and Public Institutions committed to the implementation of the sustainability objectives established by the UN with the 2030 Agenda, it was held at the Classis Museum in Ravenna, the result of a major restoration of an old sugar factory located within the evocative setting of the Classe Archaeological Park.

There were 8 categories under the award, promoted by the Region and aimed at companies, Local Authorities and associations, and which this year also included Autonomous Workers, Secondary Schools and Universities.

Many public and private actors united by the commitment to a sustainable future, seeking solutions to meet the challenge of the 17 global objectives established by the UN with the 2030 Agenda.

Circular economy, sustainable agriculture, education and the fight against food waste, inclusive tourism, ecological construction and urban regeneration: these have been the main themes of the fifth edition of the award.


Maggioli Group takes an important step in the expansion process in Latin America with the signing of the framework agreement with the FND National Federation of Departments of Colombia.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Todisco, Head of International Development of the Maggioli Group and by Dr. Camargo, General Director of the FND (left in the photo), a Federation created in 1994 to promote the administrative process of decentralization provided for by the Colombian Constitution.

The agreement aims to promote joint actions in the processes of territorial, cadastral and public finance management, through consulting services, training and the adoption of innovative technological solutions.

The National Federation of Departments was created in 1994 to promote the decentralization process foreseen by the Colombian Constitution.

The Federation represents the Departments (first-level territorial entities) in relations with the State, the private sector and international organizations, promotes the administrative and financial autonomy of the entities and is responsible for collecting and administering regional taxes.

Therefore, the FND represents a natural interlocutor for the Maggioli Group, which for more than 100 years has been supplying products, services and integrated solutions to the Public Administration in Italy.

The agreement with the National Federation of Colombian Departments of the FND follows the agreement of the Maggioli Group with the “Colombian Federation of Municipalities” to carry out the SIELOCAL project designed to support the Federation in carrying out a system of analysis and supervision of Data for Local Authorities: A technologically innovative IT platform that will gather economic and financial information from different sources to improve the management and transparency of public finances, providing its users with a powerful tool. The project, financed with resources from the European Union, will be implemented by Galileo Engineering and Services (a subsidiary of the Maggioli Group and based in Madrid) and will allow the presentation of interactive information to offer public and open reports from all state administrations.

The signing of the agreement with the National Federation of Departments of Colombia (FND) consolidates the presence of the Maggioli Group in the Latin American area.


The Italian group buys the Madrid Atm DOS, which works for local entities

As reported by Il Sole 24 Ore, the most important economic news daily in Italy, the Italian Group’s internationalization plan takes shape.

Three acquisitions in Spain in less than three years, the last two weeks ago and an imminent opening in Colombia to cover the Latin American area: this is how the Maggioli Group’s internationalization plan was defined, which began in Santarcangelo di Romagna at the beginning of the century XX as a supplier of equipment for public administration and that has become in a century of activity one of the largest Italian reference companies for the digital transformation of public, professional and corporate entities.

A reality that last year billed between the publishing business, computer, forms, accounting, training and technology services, 140 million euros with a team of 1,900 employees and now begins the conquest of international markets in order to reach 30 % of business abroad before 2022.

«The operations in the Latin markets are just a starting point of our international development plan. We have already identified other possibilities of acquisitions in the Iberian area and we are studying openings in new markets, taking advantage of the leadership position we have achieved in terms of the vastness of the catalog of services and IT for Public Administration,” anticipates CEO Paolo Maggioli, which is preparing to launch before the first week of July in Bogota, Maggioli Latam, a joint venture (Newco) controlled 70% jointly by Colombian partners that confidently contemplates the development potential not only in the republic located between Atlantic and the Pacific, currently under the new government of Iván Duque Márquez (which brings political stability), but also throughout Latin America.

In contrast, in Spain, after entry at the end of 2016 with a control fee in the company Galileo Sa, based in the Canary Islands, a company specialized in the management of the cadastre and territorial data of local entities and in software management, with a radius of action that extends from the Mediterranean area to Mexico, Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala, Maggioli acquired last November 51% of Infaplic Sa, a company located in Getafe, on the outskirts of Madrid, active for 25 years in the field of local taxes (software and cloud storage solutions, as well as management advice) for provinces and municipalities.

On the other hand, a few weeks ago the operation closed with Atm DOS Sl, which has its headquarters in Madrid and headquarters throughout the peninsula, a direct competitor but on a reduced scale of the Rimini group, with extensive areas of work in local entities, from the publishing business to the consultancy, from accounting management to software development, historical supplier of the Madrid area.

“For now we are talking about small numbers, with a value of 10 million euros in turnover and 180 employees among the three Spanish companiesclarifies the CEObut there are all the premises to duplicate them in a short time. In the management of each acquired company, we have left the reference historical partners to protect the heritage of know-how and relationships».

Before the end of the year, Galileo, Infaplic and Atm will merge into a single company of which Maggioli will be the reference shareholder and the Spanish partners will be minority partners. “Meanwhile, the analysis of new and possible mergers and acquisitions (M & A) is going aheadconcludes Maggiolibacked by the experience of growth for external lines matured in Italy in the last five years, to enter into related marketing areas in which We were not present and to guarantee a constant growth, made of small steps, without great peaks but neither without falls».


Subscribed the deed of purchase of 51% of the shares of the subsidiary INFAPLIC S.A. with registered office in Getafe (Madrid).

In the photo the moment of the signing of the agreement with the Deleyto family occurred in the presence of Donato Todisco (on the left) responsible for International Development for the Maggioli Group.

The company operates within the Local Tributes in over 500 Ayuntamientos (Municipalities) clients in which its own management software is installed.

The company is specialized in the development of software for tax management, web portals, citizen portal, document management integrated with the electronic register, management App for the various related activities.

They also offer consultancy services regarding the management, assessment and collection of Local Taxes (ordinary / compulsory collection and assessments). Infaplic has major clients throughout the Spanish territory, albeit more focused in the Madrid area

This new acquisition in Spain follows the already acquired company Galileo Ingenieria y Servicios (active for 30 years between the Canary Islands and South America for the modernization of the management systems of the P.A.) in 2016.


Colombia represents an important stage for the Maggioli Group in the development process in international markets

In these days the contract was signed in Bogotá to realize the SIELOCAL project that will support the Colombian Federation of Municipalities (FCM) in the creation of a system of analysis and supervision of data for Local Authorities: a technologically innovative IT platform that collects all the information economic and financial sources from different sources and that is used to improve the management and transparency of public finance, providing its users with a powerful tool, reports and dashboards.

The project, which is financed with resources from the European Union, will be implemented by our subsidiary company Galileo Ingeniería y Servicios (based in Madrid) and will allow us to represent the information collected in an interactive manner, to offer open and public reports from all the administrations. 

Using ‘big data’ technologies will generate knowledge so that any user can access a wide catalog of information with different indicators. Sielocal is based on economic data, infrastructures and local equipment.

At present it has data from 8 countries including Spain’s main country (Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador and Chile) and it is working to incorporate information also from Brazil.


In the picture (from left to right):
Donato Todisco, Head of International Development and Public Institutions of the Maggioli Group
Gilberto Toro, Director General FCM Colombian Federation of Municipalities
José Luis Delgado Jalón, Chief Executive Officer of Galileo Ingegneria y Servicios


The latest challenge of the Maggioli Group addresses the European frontier: NEU Newsletter for the European Union aims to offer a source of information on the latest developments in key sectors of European affairs, future activities of EU institutions and important opportunities for financing and subsidies.

NEU, fortnightly newsletter entirely in English and totally free, focuses on energy, labour policies, migration, economics, foreign relations, social affairs, requests for tenders and European financing.

The NEU portal – – contains all the main editorial sections, a space dedicated to EU projects, also including details on the latest opportunities for EU financing, and obviously all the articles published in the newsletter, which can be received simply by subscribing.

In addition to acting as a new informational product of great quality, NEU also has the ambitious objective of offering contents involving Europe and European policies, addressing a varied target of readers and with firm roots in the institutional realities of Brussels, including regional representatives, associations, NGOs, think tanks and other persons involved in the institutions present on the Brussels scene.

“We are very proud and pleased to have been able to launch this service, which has a double value for us,” Paolo Maggioli, the Maggioli Group CEO tells us. “On one hand, in fact, this is a newsletter entirely in English that is sent to about 2000 European recipients, helping to further consolidate the Maggioli brand name throughout the continent. On the other, it is important because it further enhances the contents and value of our traditional services on the market of Italy’s local and central public administrations”.

Find out more about the NEU Newsletter for the European Union


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