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Integrated Platform for Informal Carers’ Training, Tele-consulting and Collaboration

Call AAL-2012-5-245
Objective ICT-base solutions for (self-)management of daily life activities of older adults at home
AAL Ref. no. AAL-2012-5-245
Duration May 2014 – December 2016 (32 months)
Budget € 2.309.596,00
Funding € 1.294.642,00

Project Summary

CarerSupport integrated, deployed and tested an integrated ICT platform enabling the participation and collaboration of informal carers, psychologists and health professionals towards facilitating the training, learning, orientation, and psychological support.
In particular, the project deployed and offered to informal carers:

  1. Training, learning and orientation programmes, including general-purpose training programmes and programmes that emphasize on the carers’ digital skills. The former includes introductory blended-learning programmes emphasizing on the needs of elderly, and on how to plan and perform the most common care-related activities. The latter enables carers to use and fully leverage ICT based solutions for active ageing and social inclusion.
  2. Psychological support services, aiming at alleviating the stress of informal carers, while at the same time providing them with emotional support. It includes social support services, services facilitating carers to discharge their role, services alleviating stress and boosting mental health, as well as services that minimize or eliminate smoking and drinking. The support provided facilitates carers to deal with their own sorrow and sense of impending loss.
  3. Collaboration services, which emphasize communication and experience sharing between formal and informal carers. The main goal of these services is to achieve knowledge transfer from experienced formal carers to the (usually) less experienced informal carers. As part of those services synchronous services for advice and handling/dealing with emergencies are provided.

CarerSupport was piloted with the participation of 200 informal carers, formal carers and stakeholders in 7 different pilot sites from 4 European countries (Italy, Norway, Romania and Switzerland).

Maggioli was the coordinator of CarerSupport project and also acted as the primary technological provider and integrator of the project.


  • Maggioli SPA (Italy)
  • BluePoint Consulting SRL (Romania)
  • Soutank AG (Switzerland)
  • iHomeLab (Switzerland)
  • Universitetet i Oslo (Norway)
  • Kommunesamarbeidet i Vestfold (Norway)
  • Oslo Kommune (Norway)
  • Ana Aslan International Foundation (Romania

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