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We organize masterclasses to provide training for local authorities, public companies and professionals, to study in depth the legal and management issues of greatest interest for operators in the sector.

The high standards of teachers, the right balance between theory and practice and the attention dedicated to course materials are the added value that distinguish over 650 standard courses and in-house training activities, these latter being specifically tailored to meet the needs of clients and held on their premises.

This consolidated offer is complemented by Distance Training, provided over the Maggioli E-Learning Academy technological platform, a simple and intuitive tool that permits participation in online audiovisual course without requiring complex computer skills.

Every year, more than 26,000 public administrators, directors and officers rely on our services for their professional development and the modernization of public administrations.

Maggioli Formazione has been awarded standard accreditation for CME Continuing Medical Education accreditation.

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