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47822 Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN)
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Outsourcing services for processing and paying wages and salaries, attendance assessment (presences/absences) and statutory human resource management obligations.

Modern and reliable services based on innovative instruments in constant evolution:

  • Personnel office managers are freed from all activities that are complex and costly in terms of money, time and resources;
  • The need to constantly update operators and software is eliminated, also freeing human resources from routine activities;
  • All coordination, integration and communication activities for payroll processes necessary to achieve the best possible results;
  • Maximum levels of efficiency, effectiveness and savings.

Available in the most suitable format for the needs of every client, Payroll Services permit greater interaction with other areas of human resource management, including:

  • Staffing plans and employee records;
  • Integration with accounting systems;
  • In-service management of presences/absences.

All services are backed by constant consultancy assistance and front office activities carried out by highly professional and experienced personnel.