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Maggioli Service & Systems is a brand that identifies a variety of innovative services designed to satisfy a specific need of local authorities – the progressive simplification of bureaucratic procedures by outsourcing a variety of processes and activities.

Contracting out some of its activities without losing control over these procedures to a qualified and expert private partner means that a local authority can make better use of its resources.

Maggioli has therefore developed a range of “ready-to-use services” that aim to assist local authorities in the important process of simplifying public administration procedures, offering a variety of innovative solutions for the management of these necessary public activities.

The solutions offered by Maggioli Services and technologies have been specifically developed to facilitate the outsourcing of a series of routine procedures that would otherwise need to be carried out by local authority offices, with the consequent depletion of resources, energies and operating costs.

Maggioli Service and System is now able to act for local authorities in the following tasks:

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