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3D printing allows solid objects to be produced starting from a digital model created with any 3D modelling software.

The Maggioli 3D service makes it possible to rapidly and cheaply produce solid objects to assess many aspects, including functionality, ergonomics, appearance, suitability, etc.

The possibility of rapidly creating functioning models from a CAD project printed in three dimensions allows web designers and all other members of the team immediately understand the choices made, without making mistakes, reducing any necessary changes to a minimum.

3D printing allows a solid reproduction of a model developed with any 3D CAD design software to be obtained, using a process that deposits materials with special printer heads.

The innovative technologies applied by Maggioli to create prototypes and other objects with 3D printing allow remarkable results to be obtained, in terms of both appearance and functionality. The range of materials available allows all your ideas to be transformed into reality.

3D printing is ideal for rapid prototyping, guaranteeing easy procedures and rapid results, passing quickly from the design phase to actual production, regardless of the complexity of the object, with limited operating times and costs.


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